E-commerce firms cannot sell non-essential goods

E-commerce firms cannot sell non-essential goods due to COVID-19
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The Home Ministry’s decision came a few days after it allowed e-commerce companies to sell non-essential products.

The ministry also questioned the supply of non-essential products, their point-to-point pickup, and delivery

The Home Ministry on Sunday revoked the permission given to e-commerce players to sell non-essential items from April 20. These companies can only sell essentials by the end of the national lockout on 3 May.

The ministry’s decision comes after the days when these companies permitted to sell non-essential goods if vehicles carrying such products had the necessary permits and passes.

In a recent directive issued by Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla, the ministry questioned the supply of non-essential products and their point-to-point pickup and delivery in the supply-chain route.

According to the amended order, the ministry has excluded the clause that earlier specified, “In its guidelines issued on April 15 to vehicles used by e-commerce companies and e-commerce operators, the necessary permission Will be allowed to play with “.

The government first implemented a nationwide lockout on 21 March, which was effective from 25 March to 14 April. With the increasing number of cases in the country, the government extended the lockdown to 3 May.

Earlier this month, the ministry also directed the states to allow empty trucks as well as trucks carrying both essential and non-essential items to be easily taken to pick up goods for distribution.


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