COVID-19: The state’s epicenter is becoming the largest contributor to the country’s GDP.

The state's epicenter is becoming the largest contributor to the country's GDP

COVID-19: Good and bad figures are coming out in the country among the cases of fast-growing infection of the Coronavirus. If we look at these figures, we will find that things are completely bad and not completely good. 50 percent of the country has been successful in slowing the epidemic. At the same time, the bad news is that some large states that contribute the most to the country’s GDP are the weakest. From a statistics perspective, we know where the silver lining comes from and this crisis meets expectations.

Good news:

The COVID-19 crisis is slowing in 50 percent of the country, cases of infection are coming down in these areas. The rate of growth of infection in this region is three and a half times slower than the other 50 percent of the country. In terms of the number of cases, seven major states of the country have the highest share. These include the seven states of the country Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. If the share of these states in total coronavirus infected cases of the country decreases, then only 18 percent of the cases are left in other parts of the country.

Bad news:

Seven big states of the country which are 47 percent of India, 50 percent of the country’s population lives here. The number of infected cases in these states has almost doubled. It was just 49 percent a few days ago during Lockdown 1, which has now increased to 82 percent. About half of the total cases, 44 percent are from only two western states. These states are Maharashtra and Gujarat. These two states account for about 60 percent of the deaths due to the coronavirus in the country.

 Although some activities have been relaxed with increasing the lockdown. Nevertheless, the adverse effect on the economy is being argued that sanctions should be relaxed. Instead of declaring the entire district as a Red Zone or a Contribution Zone, restrictions should be applied only in those places where the number of coronavirus infection cases is high.

Worst News:

These seven big states of the country also contribute significantly to the country’s economy. Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh are the four largest industrial states in the country. The lockdown has severely affected the economy of these states. Delhi, with 4,602 people screened per million people, has suffered the most.

Most of the new cases are originating from hotspots, so we should focus our attention on such places.


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