Lockdown 4.0: Here are the latest facts to check

Lockdown 4.0: Here are the latest facts to check
The lockdown in India has been extended to 31 May

New Delhi: Domestic-international flights and metro trains will remain closed till May 31, with state governments deciding to introduce passenger transport between states.

The lockdown in the country has been extended to 31 May to deal with the coronavirus. For this, the central government released a new guideline on Sunday. Accordingly, restrictions on domestic and international flights for passengers will continue. Apart from this, the Metro train service will also not be started. State governments will be able to start the movement of interstate buses and other vehicles with mutual consent. But excluding the container zone.

The government operated trains and buses for migrant laborers during lockdown-3 (4 to 17 May). Special trains also started in New Delhi. Also, the return of stranded Indians to other countries began through Vande Bharat and the Samudra Setu Mission.

1. Trains service: Some special and labor special trains are running

The Railways ran 1000 labor special trains for the migrant laborers stranded due to the lockout. Through them, more than 1 million people have been transported to their home states. also also, the Railways introduced some special trains for passengers. However, the new guideline has instructions to stop the metro train service altogether. On March 22, the day of Janata curfew, 12 thousand passenger trains were stopped across the country. Some special trains were started on 12 May.

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2. Air travel: restrictions on flights will continue

International flights in the country are closed from 23 March and domestic flights from 25 March. The aviation ministry had in the past asked companies not to book tickets. The ban on flights will continue in Lockedge Phase-4.

Why is the decision to stop flights important?
About 20 airports in the country receive international flights. These airports can reach 80 cities from 55 countries. Many countries of the world are vulnerable to Corona. In such a situation it is necessary to continue the ban on international flights. According to Statista, in 2019, around 7 crore people traveled on international flights in India. At the same time, an average of 13 million passengers and 14 million passengers travel on domestic flights every month in the country. This is also a large number, which needs to be protected from the coronavirus. These trains travel 23 million people daily. Inter-state buses and 12,000 passenger trains are closed across the country since Jan 22 curfew.

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3. Bus-Taxi Service: States to decide on Inter-State Travel

The Center has left it to the state governments to initiate movement of inter-state buses or other vehicles. Governments will be able to start buses within states by taking decisions at their level. However, Lockdown-3 allowed the introduction of taxi and cab service inside the district in the Orange Zone. But they can only seat two passengers with the driver. Buses are also being run in districts with 50% seats in the Green Zone. Only two passengers can travel in the car.


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