Now all shops will open in the country’s capital; Cabs and autos will run, Check all details you need to know

Now all shops will open in the country's capital; Cabs and autos will run, Check all details you need to know

New Delhi. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a major relaxation in the lockdown in Delhi on Monday. Now all sports complexes, stadiums will open. All types of shops will open. Bus, auto-rickshaws will start running on the roads. 20 people will be able to sit on a bus at a time. An order to open the restaurant has also been issued, but there will be only a home delivery option. You will not be allowed to eat in the restaurant.

Kejriwal will have to learn to live with Corona

Kejriwal said that Coronavirus now has to consider it a part of life. Will learn to live with it. Cannot hold lockdown for long. Together we will win the Corona epidemic. So far, 10 thousand 54 cases have been reported in Delhi. Out of these, 44 thousand 485 people have been cured. 45 percent of people have recovered. 160 people have died. We are trying to save each life. The number of deaths in such cases is less than in other states and other countries.

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Exemptions for these activities between lockdowns

  • All kind of shops will open, the market opening has also been approved.
  • Permission to run auto-rickshaws, cabs, e-rickshaws. Only one ride can sit.
  • Permission to run the bus. I will be able to take 20 rides at a time. The bus has to be cleaned again and again.
  • Permission to open restaurants and bakeries, but only for home delivery.
  • The ban on these activities in Delhi will continue till 31 May
  • The ban on exiting the house will continue from 7 am to 7 am in the evening.
  • School-colleges, coaching institutes will not open.
  • Restrictions on children under 10 years of age and restrictions on children over 65 years of age.
  • Hotels, cinema halls, shopping malls will not open.
  • There will be no social, religious, political program.
  • Currently, metro trains will not run.
  • Religious places will remain closed for now.
  • The spa and salon will remain closed.
  • Pregnant women and other sick people are not allowed out of the house.


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