Rahul Gandhi met the migrant laborers in Delhi, the workers said – finally someone listened to us


Rahul Gandhi met the migrant laborers in Delhi, the workers said - finally someone listened to us


  • During the meeting, Rahul spoke to Congress workers and asked them to send the vehicles home to the laborers.
  • Rahul Gandhi said in the press conference – Prime Minister Narendra Modi should reconsider the relief package.
  • On Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with activists, Union Minister RK Singh said – he met him only for photographs.


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi met the migrant laborers near Sukhdev Vihar flyover in Delhi on Saturday. Devendra was going to his house, he said that Rahul knew the condition of the laborers for about 30 minutes. Gave masks, food, and water. He spoke to the workers and called them and said that all of you will be brought home with them.

Congress leader Anil Chaudhary said that the police allowed only two people to be sent in a car. At the same time, Delhi Police said that rumors of detaining the activists arose. We made the workers sit in the vehicles called by the Congress workers according to the rules. Has not taken anyone into custody.

Union Minister Singh said- Rahul met only for pictures

On Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with laborers in Delhi, Union Minister RK Singh said, “Do they remember migrant laborers only after 50 days?” Our government is arranging food and trains for them in the center and states. He met her only to be photographed. There should be some sensitivity. “

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Rahul Gandhi held a press conference via video link

He spoke on the government’s 20 lakh crore relief package, the problem of laborers during Coronavirus, and the economic situation of the country. Rahul said that the country
The economic storm has not come, it is about to come. There will be a tremendous loss. The government listened to us. If the opposition pressures a little and explains it well, the government
I will also listen. The center must run sensibly on lockdown. There is talk of opening a lockdown if it is thought to be damaged without thinking.

Central government to reissue relief package

Regarding the relief package, Rahul Gandhi said that I will request Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reconsider this package. They should think about direct bank transfer. Provide 200 days of employment under MNREGA. Transfer money directly to farmers. He said that we have heard that the government is not paying due to the rating. It is being said that if the financial deficit increases then foreign agencies will reduce India’s rating.

Rahul raised the issue of demand and supply, said – how people will not buy money

Rahul said, ‘Both demand and supply are closed in the Coronavirus crisis. The government will have to give speed to both. Now the demand for the debt package the government has said is not going to start. Because, how would people shop without money? ‘

‘Money should be given to start demand. A scheme like “justice” can prove to be helpful in this. Heavy demand losses are likely to occur if demand does not start, which may be larger than Coronavirus. ‘
Rahul told the workers – it is our responsibility to protect them on the roads
Rahul Gandhi said that this is not the time to blame anyone. Today, the country has a big problem that we have to solve. The case of laborers is very challenging. It is our responsibility to help and protect the people living on the streets. Money has to be sent directly from your pocket. No more difficult times will come in his life. We have to make them feel that we are with them and will not let their respect be diminished.

‘The job of the states is to fight Kovid, the center only sees the management’

Rahul said, the more the government helps the states, the more it will benefit. The job of the center is to manage management. The job of the states is to fight the battle of Kovid. States should cooperate fully. There are complaints that the way the Center should give money to the states is not happening.


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