Railway News: Rail running from today to 15 cities; Passengers started arriving at the station; Money will be deducted on canceling tickets


Railway News: Rail running from today to 15 cities
Add caption tickets can be taken seven days in advance to travel in Railway News Special trains. Tickets can only be booked from IRCTC website

ANI: Indian Railways is going to start operating trains from today after being closed for more than one and a half months due to Coronavirus lockdown in the country. These trains are running on 15 routes from New Delhi to Rajdhani Express. Only passengers who have a confirmed ticket will be allowed to travel. Today a total of 8 special trains will be operational. Many passengers have reached the New Delhi railway station ahead of time.

Railway Executive Director RD Bajpai said that this train is going to run with great care, following the physical distance. Trains and stations must follow physical distances. Only people without symptoms and confirmed tickets will be able to travel. Weight-listed tickets will not be issued to anyone.

According to the Railway Ministry, most of these trains will run on a daily basis, while other trains will run on a weekly, bi-weekly and tri-weekly basis. According to railway sources, more than 54,000 passengers have been given reservation till 9:15 pm on Monday night.

Which routes will the train run:

These trains will travel starting from New Delhi station to Dibrugarh, Agartala, Howrah, Patna, Bilaspur, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Secunderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Madgaon, Mumbai Central, Ahmedabad and Jammu Tawi. These trains will be run as special trains. Booking of the train was supposed to start from 4 pm on May 11, but due to the non-working of the IRCTC website, the booking started from 6 pm.

Trains are running today

– Howrah-New Delhi, 5.05 pm

– Rajendra Nagar-New Delhi, 7.20 pm

– New Delhi-Dibrugarh, 4.45 pm

– New Delhi-Bangalore, 9.15 pm

– Bangalore-New Delhi, 8.30 pm

– New Delhi-Bilaspur, 4 pm

– Mumbai Central-New Delhi, 5.30 pm

– Ahmedabad-Delhi, 6.20 pm

Important things related to travel:

No other pass other than the confirmed ticket will be required. The test will be done before boarding the train. Travel will be allowed only after being found perfectly healthy in the investigation. Masks will be mandatory during the journey. Travelers have been asked to download the Arogya Setu App. It is also stated that no catering charges will be included in the fare. Passengers on the train will not have a blanket, a bedsheet, or a towel.

50 percent of the money will be deducted for canceling tickets:

For these special trains, tickets can be taken seven days in advance. Tickets can be booked from the IRCTC website only. No railway reservation agent is allowed to book tickets. On cancellation of the ticket, 50 percent fare will be deducted. Tickets must also be canceled 24 hours in advance.

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Labor special trains have been running since May:

Explain that Indian Railways continued to operate goods trains during the lockdown period to ensure that the supply of goods and goods continued throughout the country. In addition, the Railways started Shramik Special trains from May to transport stranded migrant workers to their places of origin in other states of the country.


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