What did Indian people do during the ‘Janata Curfew’



Photograph: Twitter

People used to spend time with their families and friends, read books, cook and live up to their hobbies on Sundays as the ‘Janata curfew’ discharged them from an otherwise fast-paced life.

For 37 years, Gunjan Dutta, a South Delhi resident, it was a long time to play his flute.

“It’s a nice day, peaceful. I watched TV, spent time with parents, clung to my mother and wife to help in the kitchen. I was sitting in the balcony listening to the birds; it was such a good feeling Thea. I found time. After a long time playing my flute. it’s such a nice break from an otherwise fast-paced life, “he said.

Gunjan Dutta added that “Such a curfew should be twice a month. It is good for all of us.”

While people lived indoors throughout Delhi and the streets looked deserted, in some parts of the city, some youths were seen on the streets playing cricket or holding original positions on their phone cameras.

Some families got their homes cleaned, for lunch and even board games, which they said haven’t happened in a long time.

“Also My family got together to clean the house, dusting every nook and corner. We gathered for breakfast and lunch. Otherwise, it is missing every time in worldly life due to work and travel,” 28 The year-old Delhi resident Abhilash Aswal said.

He said he spent other time reading a book and also saw a web-series, but joined the family at 5 pm to express his gratitude to those working in these times.

For 39-year-old lecturer, Nidhu Agarwal, it was a typical Sunday, although this time she assured that she and her family members did not even need to go out for a small item.

“Everything was normal in India, but it was just that we were not going out of our house. We had already made supplies so that we would not have to go to our nearest shop even for small items.

“At 5 pm, we went to our balcony to see that everyone in our colony was in a celebratory mood. We started clapping to show our solidarity with those who are fighting this deadly virus. It was a moment that we will always remember. ”Said the Janakpuri resident.


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