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Yoga Guru shared tips to keep COVID-19 away.

Food for protecting from COVID-19. Source

We asked you to share tips, suggestions, and stories about how you are stopping coronavirus.

This is shared by Yoga Guru. You can also share your responses! Scroll down to find out how.

Rabindra Kanti Porwal from Udaipur, Rajasthan writes: “I recommend the right amount of orange, mosambi, and kinnu (Mandarin hybrid) to help keep any infections away. These fruits reduce cholesterol and reduce their high Vitamin C content helps with smooth movement. ”

68-year-old M Srinivasan of T Nagar, Chennai, does 30-60 minutes of yoga a day. “I usually did yoga for 10-20 minutes in a day, but now I do it for upto 60 minutes for better health.”

According to Saurav Sengupta from Kolkata, India should be unanimously closed by all the Heads of State for a period of 48–72 hours. Saurav Sengupta said, “In homes, the circulation of the newspaper should be stopped as it passes through many hands before reaching the reader.”

K Baburaj, 45, from Hyderabad, says, “Wear only masks if you have flu and cough symptoms to avoid spreading to others. Eat high protein foods to create immunity.”

Devendra Reddy of Bengaluru says, “It is good to breathe steam once or twice a day and drink saline water.” “Usually, the virus stays in cold places, and our sinuses and larynx seem to be good spots for them. Of course, social disturbances require hand washing.”



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