Is IPL 2020 training camp held in the other country?


There is ongoing talk about the Indian Premier League. The decision to hold the ICC T20 World Cup rests on everything. The IPL is expected to be held in the Coronavirus era of 2020 after the Asia Cup was canceled.

It is believed that the T20 World Cup 2020 could be announced soon. If that happens, the BCCI will have no problem organizing the world’s highest-grossing T20 league.

Before the IPL, the BCCI may organize a special training camp in Dubai. The Cricket Association of UAE has been making repeated efforts to organize the IPL. If the coronavirus situation in India does not improve, the BCCI may conduct it in the United Arab Emirates.

The rules are yet to be decided by the BCCI to resume cricket. According to a source, if the situation in Coronavirus does not improve in Mumbai, it is most likely to be held in the UAE.

In such a situation, the practice session of the players in the UAE for the first three weeks before the IPL is considered almost fixed. Camping in Dubai will make it easier to organize IPL without any delay.

IPL 2020 postponed

The decision to postpone the tournament starting March 29 was taken due to an outbreak of Coronavirus infection. The BCCI is now planning to hold it in September-October.

Everything depends on the decision to host the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia in October-November this year.


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