Former England captain drew fierce anger of team


The England team lost 4 wickets in the first match of the three-match Test series played against the West Indies. Following the defeat, former England captain Nasir Hussain drew fierce anger at the team management. He believes that the England team made the mistake of taking the West Indies lightly, resulting in a 0–1 defeat in the series.

The Wisden Trophy was captured by the West Indies in the final Test series played between the two countries. Now, by gaining an edge in the series, he has taken another step towards retaining it.

In the Daily Mail column, the former captain wrote, “I salute the West Indies for their great performance, but I want to ask England a question. Was this the first match of the Ashes, would they have dismissed Stuart Broad.” I wonder if he makes a mistake, he will continue to do so against the West Indies. He underestimated and took this team lightly, knowing that the current Wisden Trophy is with Jason Holder. “

“If Broad were playing, Stokes would have picked up the bowler on Wednesday and I would have believed that the West Indies team would have been in a tussle. Without Broad’s toss, the decision would have been 50-50, as we saw on Sunday. That England might have won if they had taken advantage of the opportunity. They are 0–1 behind in their second consecutive series against the West Indies. “

West Indies won the first Test by 4 wickets

Ben Stokes won the toss and decided to bat, captaining the England Test team for the first time. Windies captain Jason Holder, along with Shannon Gabriel, bundled the entire English team to just 204 runs. Holder took 6 wickets while Gabriel took 4 wickets. In response, West Indies scored 318 with a half-century from Craig Braithwaite and Daurich to take a 114-run lead.

In the second innings, Gabriel again rocked for the West Indies and took 5 wickets. England’s second innings was limited to 313 and set a target of 200 runs to win in front of the visiting team. Blackwood’s Sunder suffered a 6-wicket defeat in the innings of 95 runs and the West Indies scored the winning goal to take a 1-0 lead in the series.


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