A remote Learning education scheme will be started in schools in Delhi


The distance education scheme for kindergarten to 12th grade (plus two) students is starting in Delhi from Monday. This has been announced by Delhi Education Minister cum Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. As previously announced, all schools in Delhi will remain closed till 31 July 2020. In this situation, the scheme is designed to reduce the loss of education of students of all government and government-aided schools in the capital.

The Directorate of Education has prepared this alternative scheme of education. Explain that while launching the Remort Learning Scheme, Manish Sisodia has said that schools are closed, but learning should continue.

The remote learning plan will be done according to class

Classes from kindergarten to 12th in Delhi are divided into three parts. Different strategies have been devised for these three parts. This will be accomplished in collaboration with digital tools, teachers, parents, and school management. Daily worksheets with material and questions based on the syllabus from KG to Class 8 will be sent by the teacher through WhatsApp to the students.

These worksheets will be designed to promote reading, writing, understanding, and happiness among students. While worksheets and materials related to subjects for classes 9 and 10 will be sent to the students. So, students can get a basic understanding of their basic subject. At the same time, two-hour online classes for the top 12 subjects for class 12 will be taken every day, with the highest enrollment for classes 11 and 12, starting with teaching the most basic subjects. An online class of about 45 minutes

Will happen. No more than two classes will be taken in a day. Let us tell you that only the 11th class will be held after the 11th result.

This option will be available on WhatsApp

Explain that the heads of all schools have been instructed to ensure that every class teacher has an updated WhatsApp group of students. Teachers will also have to prepare a list of parents who do not have WhatsApp. Explain that parents who do not have the facility of WhatsApp will be contacted by ClasTaker through a phone call. They have to go to school and get learning materials once a week. Explain that only parents will be called in the school to follow the social distinction. In this way, after completing the worksheet, students will send it to the school through their parents.


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