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UGC Guidelines 2020: Petition to Supreme Court against UGC guidelines


UGC Guidelines 2020:

University Grants Commission (UGC) petition to conduct final year or semester examinations by September 2020 in universities, colleges, and other higher education institutions across the country amid the growing cases of recent COVID-19 epidemic Filed.

There is a hearing in the Supreme Court to protest against the guidelines, on the other hand, there are nationwide protests and demonstrations of the students. Under the UGC guidelines circumstances, the imperative of holding maximum year or semester examinations in the universities, examinations clarify soon.

Petition to Supreme Court against UGC guidelines

A total of 31 students from 13 states and 1 union territory across the country have filed petitions in the Supreme Court to protest against the final year or semester examinations to held till 30 September. Following the petition of Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, who favored the UGC regarding this petition, a bench of Justice Nageswara Rao has asked for a hearing on the bench of Justice Ashok Bhushan.

The schedule will be heard on July 27. In this petition, students have demanded that the UGC instructional exam be canceled and the result declared based on the student’s internal assessment or an average of previous classes/semesters. Also, the result of these final years or semester students should be released by 31 July 2020.

UGC guidelines opposed nationwide

The UGC directive issued on July 6, 2020, for compulsory conducting final year or semester examinations is opposed nationwide. Students from universities across the country, student organizations, public representatives (ministers, MPs, etc.) are formally registering protests against all the guidelines.

The Higher Education Minister of Odisha State on 23 July yesterday, Union Human Resource Development Minister, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal has again written a letter to Nishank demanding the cancellation of the UGC guidelines. Earlier, he had also written a letter to the Union Minister on 9 July.

On the other hand, the Joint Forum for Movement on Education (JFME) has launched an online petition with the support of more than 1000 students (Signature), calling on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to compulsorily conduct final year or semester examinations till September. Necessary.

There has been a demand for cancellation of the instructions of the UGC. This online petition calls for the release of results using alternative methods of internal evaluation and/or average marks for evaluation.

What is UGC’s favor?

In addition to nationwide protests and petitions in the Supreme Court, the University Grants Commission reported during a hearing in the Supreme Court that final-year examinations have either been conducted or planned by universities across the country and preparation is final. Are in phase.

The UGC said that the Commission has received responses from 355 state universities, 51 central universities, 121 deemed universities, and 291 private universities across the country for the examinations. Examinations conducted online or offline or both.

What are the possibilities?

The Minister of Human Resources Development or the Ministry may soon issue an official notice about the physical protests taking place on the physical and social media platforms. Physical protests from universities and colleges across the country and requests made by ministers from various states.

It may also happen that during the hearing on July 27 in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court will order about the UGC guidelines. Amidst these possibilities, there is confusion between final year students of universities and degree colleges, which is expected to clear soon.

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