16 years old Tik Tok star Siya Kakkar commit suicide today, secret still to come


Why did Delhi’s Tikitok star Siya Kakkar commit suicide for unknown reasons? It remains a puzzle for the Delhi Police even after 2 days. At the same time, the police have pushed forward its investigation and it is being told that the police are constantly questioning relatives, acquaintances, and school friends about Siya’s suicide.

Police have also questioned the manager of Sia Kakkar in this regard. It is being told that recently Siya was in talks with the company to shoot a video song. She was also very excited about it

Investigating the aspect of being threatened

According to police sources, a preliminary investigation has revealed that Ticketock star Sia was receiving constant threats. In what context was this threat being received? Police are trying to find out. The police have also started investigations on other angles related to Siya’s suicide.

Many secrets can be revealed through CDR

The police reached Sita Kakkar’s house in Geeta Colony after receiving the news of the suicide, the police have confiscated the mobile phone, as well as a call detail report of the phone is being released so that it can be known to whom to talk first. Suicide. happened. The police have captured his mobile, laptop, and some documents from his room. His room is currently closed.

The manager has also been questioned

Apart from family members, the police also questioned his manager. The manager said that on Wednesday, he had put his video on Ticketock at the last time of the day. There was a discussion with her about a song, but during this time she was not upset or stressed in any way. The family has also denied any tension in the police inquiry. His death has weakened the family. Family members are not talking to anyone.


At the same time, on the suicide of Siya Kakkar, the family says that on Wednesday, when a member of the house went to call for food, that room was closed from inside. When there was no response, the door broke, and inside he was hanged. At 9:30 pm, the family took him to a private hospital, where doctors declared him dead. From here, information was given to Geeta Colony police station. Police reached the spot and started further action.


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