Home News Entertainment Actress sonalee kulkarni shocked everyone by sharing engagement photos on social media

Actress sonalee kulkarni shocked everyone by sharing engagement photos on social media

Actress Sonalee Kulkarni shocked everyone by sharing engagement photos on social media
After the engagement, sonalee Kulkarni went to Dubai to meet Kunal and stayed there due to the lockdown | Image Source: Sonalee Kulkarni’s Instagram

Actress Sonalee Kulkarni engaged in Dubai

Share photos with fans on Instagram on birthday

New Delhi: Famous Marathi actress Sonalee Kulkarni has given a big surprise to people on her birthday. The actress has posted some pictures on her Instagram a while back. Because of her engagement people are shocked. Actually, he has posted some pictures with his fiance Kunal Benodkar while giving news of their engagement. Seeing these pictures, his fans are shocked.

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Sonalee Kulkarni has posted three pictures on her Instagram. Sonalee Kulkarni is seen in Marathi’s outfits in the pictures. His entire family is also seen in the pictures. Her husband Kunal also looks quite beautiful in Indian costumes. 

Cannot thank you all enough for your best wishes and love pouring in since yesterday. This is so overwhelming in many ways, as I celebrated my birthday away from my family, friends fans for the first time due to lockdown but with just my fiancé! But thanks to social media we all could connect. And yes, thank you so much for all the love and blessings you’ve been showering on our engagement. Here’s sharing a special picture from my most special day! Thank you @kohinoorahmednagar for this custom-made #kanjeevaram 🥻 @tanishqjewellery for the amazing traditional jewellery @astghikastghik for makeup @pratikshachandak & @nikitadsule for arranging it and @yashkaklotar for capturing it all so perfectly! #blessed #gratitude #grateful #thankful #overwhelmed #thankyou #sakharpuda #engaged #palindrome #02022020 #precovid #engagement #fiancé
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According to information, he had secretly engaged on 2 February 2020. They have married out of the country in Dubai. But the special thing is that Sonalee Kulkarni shared this thing with her fans on the day of her birthday. The last day i.e. May 18 was Sonalee Kulkarni‘s birthday. She posted a romantic photo with her fiance on the first special day.

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#mypoem on #precoronadays जब मैं studio में उछल-कूद करती थी हवा के झोंके से बाल बिखरते धूप निकल कर आती और tanning का डर भी ना होता पड़ोस के garden में कुछ Birds की chirping सुनाई पड़ती आस पास के सारे studio floors Busy हुआ करते थे Daily soaps से फ़िल्मों तक दिन रात की shifts लगातार चलती थी Makeup, costumes, art की पेटियाँ जगह जगह पड़ी रहती थी Artists से technicians तक सब का मेला लगा रहता था अब नजाने उस छत के नीचे कितना सन्नाटा होगा Lights camera action सुनने के लिए दीवारों के कान तरस गये होंगे…. फिर भी एक उम्मीद लिए लगता है आएँगे वो दिन जल्द ही लौट आएँगे जब हम फिर से one more बोलेंगे ये चालू वाले shot को जब उपरवाला Cut it बोलेगा तब हमारा Okay वाला take ज़रूर लगेगा तब तक take care दोस्तों धीरज रखो डट कर रहो…. ऐसे ही थोड़ी हम set छोड़ेंगे डट कर रेहेंगे, फिर से जुड़ेंगे …. जुड़कर फिर उठेंगे फिर साथ मिलकर दोबारा सपनों का यह कारोबार चलाएँगे ख़ुशियाँ बाटेंगे. इंसान है इंसानियत के दम पर निकले थे बस यूँही चलते चलेंगे …. #rida 🖊 #selfwritten #poem #penname #writinginspiration #jabmainchotabachatha #missingshooting #lifeofanactor #hopeful #positive #optimistic #majorthrowback (1/2)
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At the same time, in the second photo, he shared Duffley. In which the date of their marriage is written. The third photo has their engagement photo. In which he and his fiancée are sitting on the couch and their family members and close friends are seen around them. Sonalee Kulkarni shared the pictures and wrote, caption in Marathi and English that my birthday is over before that. Before that, I want to make an announcement. Meet my fiance Kunal Benodekar. 

‘Sonalee Kulkarni is one of the emerging actresses. Those who have made their mark in the industry in a very short time. These days she is doing justice to choreographer Mayur Veda in the TV show ‘Yuva Nritya Queen’.



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