Actress Vijayalakshmi tried to commits suicide, Secret yet to come


Actress Vijayalakshmi, who has leveled a series of allegations against Seeman, has released a video and attempted suicide. She is currently hospitalized.

Actress Vijayalakshmi played Vijay’s sister and Surya’s partner in the film Friends. A few years ago Seaman was accused of cheating on himself by claiming he was getting married. In this case, Seaman has been facing the most serious charges on Facebook Live for the past few months.

Today he posted a video on his Facebook. In it, ‘I thought I should live with my mom and sister. But, at present, it is not intended. I, Hari Nadar spoke insultingly, I will cut his tongue. Also, talked about my caste. Seaman should take action against Hari Nadar. ‘

In this condition, Vijayalakshmi has been admitted to the hospital.

If you have depression or suicidal ideation, call the numbers below to change it.

State Assistance Center: 104 and Sneha Suicide Prevention Assistance Center – 044 -24640050


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