Bollywood Actor Kiran Kumar has been found to be Corona positive, know about his condition

Bollywood Actor Kiran Kumar has been found to be Corona positive
Famous actor Kiran Kumar turned Corona positive | Image Source: Instagram

Mumbai: Coronavirus is not taking the name of havoc in the country. Several corona cases are coming out one after the other. Despite the lockdown, growing cases of this deadly virus have worried everyone. Recently, well-known actors of the Bollywood and TV industry, Kiran Kumar has also hit the corona. He himself has disclosed this. The most surprising thing is that Kiran Kumar has no symptoms of corona but still his family members were shocked when found corona positive. Kiran Kumar is 74 years old and so he needs to take special care.

It is being told that on 14 May Kiran Kumar was found to be Corona positive. 

After which he left himself at home. He also kept a distance from his family and confined himself to one floor, he has been in quarantine for 10 days and his next Covid-19 Test will take place on 25 May. A Times report claims to have spoken to him and told how he is keeping himself isolated at home.

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According to this report, Kiran Kumar has stated that he has no symptoms of any corona, yet he has been found to be corona positive. He reported that he had no cough, fever, difficulty breathing, or any other symptoms. He also told that his house has two floors and he has separated himself on the second floor.

Let me tell you that even before Kiran Kumar many people of the industry have been found corona infected. At first, everyone was surprised when singer Kanika Kapoor was found to be Corona positive. At the same time, producer Karim Morani and his two daughters Zoya Morani and Shazia Morani were found to be corona infected. However, all of them were immediately hospitalized and recovered and went home.


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