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COVID-19 positive case on getting T-series office building seal, read what Bhushan Kumar said

COVID-19 positive case on getting T-series office building seal

JNN: The Mumbai-based office building of music and film production company T-Series was sealed after COVID-19 revealed a positive case of infection. T-series owner Bhushan Kumar issued a statement saying that necessary medical precautions are being taken after the positive case comes to light.

A caretaker in the T-series office building has been confirmed to have 19 infections of COVID, after which the entire building has been sealed. According to PTI, Bhushan said in his statement- “All the T-Series employees are like a family and we have taken utmost care in following the rules in this situation.” The person who has got the infection is being looked after completely, while we are fully cleaning the office building as per government guidelines. ”

Bhushan further said that the lockdown rules are being followed strictly in the T-series and as per the instructions, we are working from home- “We have always looked after each other and in this difficult time we ensure Every person of T will win in the fight against this global pandemic.

According to a T-series spokesperson, some caretakers stayed after working at the company’s office in Andheri, which is now sealed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Some of these migrants are people who could not return. The office building has a room, kitchen and all facilities for them. However, one of them COVID 19 became infected.

The spokesperson told PTI that two-three people have been investigated, but their report is yet to come. Therefore BMC sealed the office due to security reasons. For example, the office is closed to employees only from 15 March. Let us know that till Monday morning the number of 19 infectious cases of COVID in the country had crossed the figure of 67 thousand, while there have been more than 2200 deaths.



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