Famous dancer Nora Fatehi showed humanity, donates PPE kit to government hospitals


Famous dancer Nora Fatehi showed humanity, donates PPE kit to government hospitals
Nora Fatehi donated PPE kit to government hospitals |Image source: Nora Fatehi’s Instagram

Famous Bollywood dancer and actress Nora Fatehi donated PPE kit to government hospitals. Nora has given information about this by posting a video on Instagram.

New Delhi is fighting a war against the coronavirus in the country. In this fight, doctors, medical staff, nurses, and police personnel and scavengers are playing their part. Bollywood has also contributed from its level in the fight against coronavirus infection.

Many artists including Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgan contributed to the PM or CM fund, then steps were taken to help the daily wage earners. While Sonu Sood launched an expedition to send stranded migrants to their homes, many stars provided PPE kits to hospitals and BMCs to protect themselves from a fight with Kovid.

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Now, the famous Bollywood dancer and actress Nora Fatehi has donated PPE kit. Nora has posted a video on Instagram giving information about this, in which she appealed to the common people to donate the kit. In this video, Nora says- “I hope you are all home and safe.” It is our good fortune that we are all at home and safe, but there are some people who are doing their duty outside the house every day by putting their lives at stake.

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Even in this epidemic, there should be protection for police, medical staff, health workers, nurses, doctors, and sanitation workers coming out of their homes every day. Every day doctors and nurses treat and come into contact with Corona patients, which puts them at greater risk, but they continue to be in service.

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Some people will say that it is their duty. This is correct but with their full protection. There is a shortage of resources at the moment. PPE kits are also very essential among them. It is also our duty to take responsibility for their safety and under this I am donating PPE kits to government hospitals of the country. You can also donate PPE kits on your behalf. You can donate PPE kits alone or in a group.


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