Home News Entertainment Famous Telugu actress Navya Swamy has also got coronavirus test positive

Famous Telugu actress Navya Swamy has also got coronavirus test positive


Telugu actress wept after reports came and said- ‘People were looking at me like a criminal.’

Celebs have not been untouched by the coronavirus, which has spread throughout the world. Be it a Hollywood star, a Bollywood star, a TV star, or a South star… so many celebs are hit by it. Recently, Telugu TV actress Navya Swamy has also received Coronavirus test positive.

Navya has confirmed the news by posting a video on her Instagram that yes, she is Corona positive. But his condition is much better. In a conversation with the Times of India, Navya also stated that she cried a lot when she realized that she was Corona positive.

Speaking to the website, Navya said, ‘I had a headache and body ache for some days. After that, I called my doctor and asked to have my test done. When I was on set on Tuesday evening, my reports came that I was Corona positive, seeing that I started crying.

The social distinction is indeed a part of it, but it feels terrible when you refuse to come and whisper about you. I had to pick up my bags and carry them to the car; people were watching me from a distance. I was feeling like a criminal. However, now Navya’s health is improving significantly. Navya has given this information in her video.

In the video, Navya says that she immediately isolated herself as soon as she came to know that she was coronavirus positive. Navya told me that she is taking full care of her health. Eating increases immunity.

The accompanying actress said that all the people who met me in the last weeks should disassociate themselves. And get your coronavirus tested. If you see any symptoms inside you, there is nothing to be afraid of, nor should you be ashamed. Just take care of yourself and be positive.



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