Home News Entertainment This Actress is making a comeback to films after 10 years

This Actress is making a comeback to films after 10 years

This Actress is making a comeback to films after 10 years
Bhagyashree is set to return to Leewood after two years with two big films | caption: Bhagyashree Instagram

Bhagyashree is set to return to Leewood after two years with two big films. One is a biopic on Jayalalithaa with Kangana Ranaut and the other is in Hindi and Tamil with Prabhas. In this comeback, she wants to work on every stage. Talking on his return, Bhagyashree has spoken on his preparations.

What changed in return after 10 years?

My Hindi film ‘Red Alert’ came out in 2010. It has been almost 10 years. The style of filmmaking has changed. So many new people, new directors, and new ideas have come. I am getting a chance to step into a different kind of world. Feeling excited like a new comrade. There was some nervousness as well, but the actors and directors of both the units received so much love and respect, which caused the panic to go away. Now the only excuse left.

How are both films?

‘Thalaivi’ is Jayalalithaa’s biopic, apparently according to her autobiography. Kangana is playing the character of Jayalalithaa. As far as my character is concerned, it is very important, but I cannot say much about it right now. Yes, my character changes his life. All my scenes are with Kangana.

What changes are you seeing in filmmaking?

Nowadays, the female-oriented character gets a different definition. As seen nowadays, it is not necessary to be a masculine police officer only to be a police officer, it can also include women officers. In the old days, a lawyer or police inspector must be a certified age man. But now there is a lot of opportunity for women artists. Along with this, mediums have also grown. Due to so many mediums, the chances of performance have increased a lot.

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How is Kangana’s nature?

See, the director contributed a lot to my equation with Kangana. As an artist, we got a lot of time to spend together and when the front artist is good then our own performance also becomes good. This tuning was liked by everyone. If we were able to discuss this scene with Kangana and add something to it, the director would have been happy to see our tuning. Because they got more than they wanted. It is also fun to do such work.

What is the status of the Thalavi film?

The film is 50% complete. As far as my shooting is concerned, I had only one schedule left. Then my work would have been completed. I don’t know how much work other people have left. We have shot it in Mysore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The rest of the show was also to be shot in Hyderabad. At that time, we were planning in Hyderabad, but now do not know where to start after the lockout.

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What is your plan to work in Bollywood?

I want to be focused on it. I found both films very big. If people liked my character in both films, I would definitely like to do more. I have a completely different character in both films. My look is also very different. Further viewers will get to see what else Bhagyashree can do.

What is the name of the film you are doing with Prabhas?

His name was being discussed a lot but the name has not been decided yet. Yes, the film will be made in Telugu and Hindi. I also have an important character in it. This brings a lot of twists to the life of the main character of Prabhas. Yes, I would like to tell you that there is a day-night difference between the characters and the look of both the films. The two are completely different. Once the lockdown is over, both manufacturers will look forward and backward. Therefore, I cannot speak much about the look.

What is the shooting status of Prabhas film?

The shooting of this film is 50% completed. It’s shooting of 5-6 days returned to Georgia when the lockout began.

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Then how challenging is it to get a new place?

I feel that if I lived in people’s hearts for 30 years, it is my pleasure. If the same happiness moves through these films, icing will be on the cake. If I want to show my talent in the characters I am getting while keeping love and respect from people, what else do I need? I do not stand for any competition. Just play my character well, that’s a big thing.

What would you say about working in a web series?

There is a desire to work on every platform. The web series is the world of tomorrow. To step into tomorrow’s world one must always keep the eyes, ears, and heart open.



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