India’s tough moves have shocked Chinese companies

India's tough moves have shocked Chinese companies
India's tough moves have shocked Chinese companies

A decade ago, when China banned well-known companies like Google, Facebook and YouTube, hardly anyone would think that one day they would face the same fate. Last year, the US reacted in the same way to Dragon by shutting down 5G company Huawei, and now India has closed 59 Chinese mobile apps. Cyber experts say that China has been doing this with many countries for many years. Now he has to face reality.

Platforms such as TikTok gained widespread global popularity. But these companies are also not untouched by China’s deteriorating diplomatic relations. The Dragon is beginning to realize that the world has the right to do with him as he can. India made its debut.

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The significant loss to Alibaba

India’s tough moves have shocked Chinese tech companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu. The biggest losers will be TikTok by Bynes. According to Sensor Tower, TikTok had 61 million users in India until the ban.

Governments take steps to protect The Nation

The growing digital space also threatens security. In such a situation, many countries are taking steps. Recently, the European Union has forced Apple and Google to follow local guidelines.

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Big shock to market from India

India imports four times the exports from China. But the Modi government has directly hurt an area of particular importance to Beijing. It is also being discussed in many countries, including China. The market decline from a country with a large population like India is a significant setback for Chinese tech companies. These companies are also not getting new users at home. After Corona, western countries also have an atmosphere against China. Not that India threw the Chinese app in a jiffy.

Last year too, the government and courts were warning about these. Tech was removed from the App Store on pornography last year.

The Chinese dream of weaving broken net in America and Europe too.
The dream of Chinese tech companies to spread the trade trap in the US and Europe may be broken. In many Western countries, the path is not easy for ByteDance, computer chip, and AI companies. American smartphone and telecommunications equipment maker Huawei has shown its way on suspicion of espionage.

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Dragon has been arbitrary on the Internet.

The Chinese Communist Party kept foreign companies away from Internet services so that they could control the people by creating indigenous companies and also serve geopolitical objectives. China gives foreign companies more access than their users in those countries.

The official Chinese television broadcast of the basketball games was canceled following an NBA official’s tweet in support of Hong Kong. In 2018, Canadian canola oil shipments were stopped following the arrest of a Huawei employee in Canada. In 2010, Norway presented a Nobel Prize to a critic of the Chinese government, when the Dragon stopped importing fish from there.


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