Samsung has confirmed Galaxy Note 20 specs


Galaxy Note 20’s 5G connectivity, display size, and battery capacity revealed

The Rite of Passage is undergoing FCC certification for any upcoming smartphone. This is usually done just before launch, as it has a bad habit of revealing important information that the phone manufacturer would rather be wrapped in – and right on cue, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has just been rated.

First spotted by MySmartPrice, the listing is good news for those wondering if Samsung is planning to upgrade 5G connectivity for the Plus and Ultra models. 5G connectivity is listed, even at this entry-level version. While this does not mean that there is not just a 4G version of the Galaxy Note 20, we can at least say for sure that 5G will be an option for those with a nearby infrastructure to make it worthwhile would too.

While much of the content of the FCC listing relates to connectivity standards, there are some additional interesting tidbits. The document gives the Note 20 a length of 161 mm and a width of 75.2 mm, with a display diagonal of 166 mm. She comes in 6.53-inch – a slight increase over the 6.4-inch Galaxy Note 10.

The battery of Galaxy Note 20

A little information about the battery is also hidden in plain sight. Although the list does not mention capacity, it does provide a model name: EB-BN-980ABY. In China’s 3C certification database, SamMobile stated that the battery capacity is: Its capacity is 4,170mAh, but Samsung has its specific capacity of 4,300mAh.

In other words, even regular note 20 should have a lot of stamina. By comparison, the regular Galaxy Note 10 had a relatively low 3,500 mAh battery.

Put it together with what we already know, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is actually taking shape very well: a Snapdragon 865 Plus processor (or Exynos 990 outside the US) powered device with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of onboard storage. And a triple-back camera array.

Display of Galaxy Note 20

The Galaxy Note 20 will be the ultra mega flagship, and Samsung hopes to push people towards this more premium phone with various upgrades. Not only will there be a 120Hz screen (60Hz is strongly rumored for the original Note 20), but you’ll get cameras with an additional 4GB of RAM, more storage, a larger battery, and better specs. Given last year’s QHD offers for expandable storage and Plus models for the Note 10, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if Samsung did the same again here.

All will be revealed soon. Samsung has confirmed that its next unpacked event will take place on Wednesday, August 5. The Note 20 is virtually guaranteed to be the main focus, but you can expect cameos from the Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Fold 2, and Galaxy. Look 3, too.


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