Terry Pratchett’s Discworld book series release date revealed

Terry Pratchett's Discworld book series release date revealed
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BBC America’s Discworld TV show, The Watch, finalizes a release date and releases a new cast photo from Terry Prachett’s adaptation of the novels.

The television retailing of BBC America’s Terry Pratchett’s Discworld book series The Watch has got a new release date. Fantasy Police is a loose adaptation of the novel series of procedural Prachet, with its lens focused on The Ankh-Morepark City Watch – a fictional police force located within Prachet’s imaginative universe.

BBC America teased the first look in its upcoming Magnum Opus in January, when it released the first images of The Watch’s characters, featuring Game of Thrones alum Richard Dormer as Brony Captain Sam Vine.

It was later revealed producer Simon Allen gave the upcoming show a ‘punk thriller’ spin, which moved it far beyond the original medieval areas of the source material. Now, some new information revealed about The Watch and it provides intriguing insights into the show’s plotlines, casts, and characters.

The Watch is a melancholy narrative of a group of nonconformist cops who take it upon themselves to save the city around them from an impending disaster. The series was previously revealed rumored that Adam Hugill, Marma Collette, Joe Eaton-Kent, Lara Rossi, and Sam Eduvumi would join as Door in the Constable Carrot, Constable Cherry, Corporal Angua, Lady Sibyl and Caesar Dunn respectively.

An early Synopsis also mentioned how his characters would differ from the novel counterparts. Cherry, for example, is a simple non-binary forensic expert rather than a bearded dwarf, while Angua is a carrot instructor rather than his colleague. A recent overview of the show reinforced similar ideas, expanding a bit more about the show’s central premise.

Terry Pratchett's Discworld TV show
Credit: BBC America

When Terry Pratchett’s Discworld book series will release

According to BBC America, The Watch is scheduled for a January 2021 release. However, the exact premiere date remains to be announced. In The Watch, Terry Pratchett’s beloved creatures from her DiscoWorld series – which includes Trolls, Reviews, Wizards, and other Outlandish units – will embark on a quest that is as surprising to the heroes as it is to the audience.

This would require City Watch to prevent the resurrection of a powerful dragon that would otherwise orchestrate the doom of his hometown, Ankh-Moorpark. Along with announcing the release date, BBC America also released a new image of the cast of The Watch. Take a look below:

BBC Studios is developing Watch, along with Pratchett’s own production company, Nararatia. The shows were in its pre-production phase, Pritchett, her daughter Rianna and their business manager Rob Wilkins and all creatively involved with the show.

After Prachet’s demise, however, the tv show’s progress hit a road, and Rhianna and Wilkins also discontinued their collaboration with the project. But in 2018, BBC America ordered an eight-episode series of The Watch and tasked Craig Viviers with directional duties. Filming then began in Cape Town with a 2020 release date in mind.


The Watch has prompted public contempt for not following its source material closely. In fact, Rianna and Wilkins also scattered their way into the project, allowing author Ursula Leggin to take a terrific adaptation of their semantic books.

Initially, the cyberpunk theme found by many, but as these latest previews reveal. The Warry does not live up to the plot of Terry Prague’s original story. Like Discothus, the cast of The Watch does not appear to have many essential Discworld members and those of them who radically differ in how Prachet imagined them, such as Angua with his cropped hair.

Dependable performances from stars such as Richard Dormer and Ana Chancellor shore up the project, but otherwise, straying so far from its source material already risks winding the Watch fans apart.


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