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Amazon Prime’s Breath season 2 review, Cast, and Story

Amazon Prime's Breath season 2 review, Cast, and Story
Amazon Prime's Breath season 2 review | image source: Amazon Prime

Amazon’s Prime Breath season 2 is another crime-drama in a sea of ​​shows related to law, order, and crime. As promised, checking the digital debut box for notable actors like Abhishek Bachchan and Nitya Menon, but the show struggles to be and only. To give credit for where it is – the series is sufficiently engrossed with the twist and doesn’t let you down.

Even the performance of the artists is noteworthy, supported by author-supported character sketches and layered writing. But is there something we haven’t seen already? Learn in the review below.

Story of Amazon’s Prime Breath season 2

Abhishek Bachchan made all the headlines by announcing a digital debut with Amazon Prime’s Breathe season 2, but it did not come without monumental expectations. And it seems that after the first and hit installment, Mayank Sharma’s second direction has fallen victim to that.

I can say this because the season starring Madhavan, and it has a top yet fresh premise. And after watching the first four episodes of season 2 available on Amazon, I recalled the nuances and novelty that were trademark-ish about Sharma and co worldwide. Made in the first part.

The good thing is that the makers have retained the role of Inspector Kabir Sawant played the talented Amit Sadh as he is the Brody cop who sees that he was fit for the part. In fact, around this time, the actor has only weighed in on the guilt, fidgeting over his existence. It is this vulnerability that makes him more genuine and trustworthy. This only goes to show that he may have been chasing hard-end criminals as part of his tough police act, but when the day breaks, he still suffers in silence.

Of course, he is not only on a mission; Abhishek Bachchan is searching for his daughter Sia, and this is the story that the series revolves around. Junior Abby appears to be part of a mental health therapist with Gray Stubble, who plays Drs. Avinash reflects his personality as Sabharwal.

And when he is kidnapped from a birthday party in the first few established scenes, with wife Abha, played rule his wife Nitya Menon, the plot begins when the masked kidnapper approaches her after nine months. And the interesting thing is not to ask for a ransom, but to make a twisted demand, like killing innocent people and given instructions to create emotions like anger, lust, and even fear.

Again, this is not unheard of. The last time I remember, Ronit Roy and Tisca Chopra were delivered with the same type of hostage. But this is when the story is made.

This is when Abhishek Bachchan is still restrained, with deep teeth in his character, transforming from a desperate doctor to a surrender and plotting killer.

But most importantly, he becomes the man who will go to any length to save his daughter and family. His performance may remind someone of his other performances where his signature compilation often reinforced the narrative. It also works for works breathe ‘but only until it doesn’t. After a point, his conservatism that does not spread at all – except perhaps in a scene where he is wondering what happened if the worst has already happened – begins to seem scripted.

Music of Amazon’s Prime Breath season 2

Do not get me wrong; There is enough evocative music to convey that there is internal turmoil but not every note lands where it needs to be, and not every beat provokes the emotion that it ideally should be. Because you understand why he does what he does, but you don’t invest enough for him. If you have moved easily, you cannot just but long.

But the one thing that remains is the mystery. Like any other kidnapping thriller, the screenplay Mayank Sharma write , Vikram Tuli, Bhavani Iyer (Raazi), and Arshad Syed (Adalat) is full of cliffhangers.

But it would be unfair to say that the unknown is working only for the script. If not in detail, the material touches on a lot of issues such as the failure of marriage as an institution, possibly as parents after failures that cannot save their daughter from being abducted.

In fact, the authors have also used Avinash’s characterization as a problem-solving character as a doctor to help a husband who doesn’t want to lose his wife. One is the view of the bedroom in particular, and it is no spoiler, where one can see the strategy in use, and it is bound to leave a lump in your throat.

Cast and Character Amazon’s Prime Breath season 2

As we are talking about character traits, there is another amusing mention that is relevant, if nothing else. Nithya’s character Abha is very famous with her lip balm, and it shows. This may be my overzealous mind, but I hope it does more than moisturize her lips on the show.

I have one qualification, though – both Nithya Menon and Sayami Kher have not been given enough meat or screen-time, at least not in the first four episodes.

Believe it or not, Sayami Kher, who left all of us for more in his last project, Ok Choked, made an appearance for a record number of three times, if not more, during the first four of the series. And it stings because, from everything I saw, Shirley could hold the key to a lot of secrets.

Because the signs of conflict and dedication in his character sketch are definitely of greater value, while that is it, Nitya Menon’s portrayal of a sinister but fierce mother is limited to just that. In the show, Aura agrees to take great risks, but the writers have not taken many freedoms or deviations from the usual crops.

Is Amazon’s Prime Breath season 2 Worth watching?

With such a discussion, the show will make it your watch-list, and it will not be a bad watch if I say carelessly. Abhishek Bachchan, too bet all this and takes a deep plunge into the world of OTT, but it does not challenge you and saturate you after some recent crime thriller in one place.

Also, it is associated with a larger reference to the Shashank redemption of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. The scale can jump down a few degrees, but the brain behind the effort is the same – survival! And I can follow that.



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