17 Best Hindi adult web series in 2022

Best Hindi adult web series available online in 2020
Best Adult Web Series

If you search on the internet to watch Best Adult Web Series online, you are in the right place. Adult web series is a web show for people under 18+. Now that you have started reading this article, I am sure you are 18+. When boredom consumes you in your young days, watching some burning Web series will rejuvenate your entire system. We made the list of the best Hindi adult web series in this post after watching over 300 web series for 1 year.

Watching Adult Web series will get you in the mood, but it will also help open up new avenues and possibilities in your bedroom. Ever since cinema has carved out its place in people’s lives, it has been argued to find the thin line between pornography and art and intercourse. There are countless series and films in that gray area, which push the boundaries of decency in the name of storytelling. In our country India, when we say adult web series, it means 18+ web series with sexual expression with mostly content and has the word, violence, and monotonous story.

Some of the best Hindi adult web series in India is available online, which anyone can watch online to keep them comfortable. These series are best when there is no one at home, and you really want to enjoy some meaningful time with yourself. This Adult Web Series has been started for the last three to four years. The rise of such ‘mature content’ is due to platforms like Alt Balaji, Zee5, Viu, TVF, Netflix, etc. in India.

The films have strict censorship, but this web series is entirely free for any viewer. There are many web series that sell because of nudity, sex, and dishonest words. After much research, we were able to find some web series that have found a perfect story and are worth watching. Here is a list of such web series that will help you get an idea of ​​how and what people behave in their everyday lives.

Here is the list of Best Hindi Adult Web Series

1. Gandii Baat

Best Hindi adult web series - Gandi Baat Season 6 web series
Gandii Baat Season 6 web series

Availability: ALT Balaji

This web series depicts the philosophy of the deepest imaginations of rural India. ‘Control Me Na Rahiz Jajbat, Once Shuru Haya Daji Gandii Baat Saach- Tweet Sachin Mohite (Director of Gandii Baat). When you hear the director say such words, you know what is coming for you. This web series created shock waves for Alt Balaji. It was not only such a massive success for Alt Balaji but one of its main actors, investigator Jain, became the most searched actress on Google. Gandii Baat is the Best Hindi adult web series.

The adult web series depicts rural India’s fictional imaginations, which until now was a deserted region. Rural India has always been shown as a simple conservative society where s33ual imaginations are no more than just a taboo. Each episode has a different story with a different cast but one thing in common – the decency of dirty batting ‘. The series is available on Alt Balaji, which is 13 episodes long.

2. Sacred Games

Sacred Games season 3: Cast, release date, plot and more
Credit: Netflix

Availability: Netflix

Released in the year 2018, the series is 16 episodes long. The series is available on Netflix. The story goes like this that an honest policeman’s name is Sartaj Singh, who gets a call from a notorious gangster. A gangster named Ganesh Gaitonde has mentioned that something terrible is going to happen in Mumbai city in 25 days. After this phone call, the policeman’s life becomes very large, and he reaches under unwanted circumstances. This series has got some sizzling scenes, and hence it is on this list. This is a must-watch. It has got a great story, action, suspense, thrills, dialogues, cos words, etc. If you still haven’t seen Sacred Games, I don’t know which rock you’re living under. This series has literally changed the face of the Indian web series. There are some sexual functions here and there in this web series, but overall it’s neat. Sacred Games is one of the best Hindi adult web series.

3. xxx Uncensored


Availability: ALT Balaji

Alt Balaji is one of the leading manufacturers in creating adult web series compared to its competitors. This adult web series was introduced in the year 2018 and can be seen on Alt Balaji. With only a slight twist, it does not look conspicuous. The story begins with Mayank giving Kayra a lift in her car.

The two strangers start telling bizarre fictional stories to each other to kill time. The show ends with them being in bed together for all the obvious reasons. If you think, I finally gave a spoiler, which we are making fun of here. Can you expect anything other than this? The show captured everything it promised to show to its audience.

4. Karenjit Kaur

Availability: Zee5

Though being a biography, this web series talks about the life journey of how a girl from Next Door became a porn star and then a Bollywood actor. The story takes the audience back to when it was Karenjit Kaur, not Sunny Leone. Born into a middle-class Sikh family, this Indian web series depicts the story of her transition to an adult film actress and Bollywood star. This type of biographical article has been captured through 10 episodes and is available in many languages, including Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi. This web series is currently streaming on Zee5.

5. The Bull of Dalal Street

Availability: Ullu

Three seasons and four episodes each, the first season of this series was released in the year 2020. Users can watch this series on Tolu. This series is the story of a person from rags to riches. The story revolves around how a man is on a journey to become the richest stockbroker in Mumbai. Based on a real-life story from the 90s, The Bull of Dalal Street features a few recognizable faces like Indian TV soap Mohammad Iqbal Khan and Ashmit Patel. It is the story of two aspiring brothers who come to Mumbai in the hope of achieving big things. The story traces her from living on the streets in Mumbai to becoming her most prominent stockbroker.

This web series takes on the updated 2020 Adult Edition web series for a specific reason, like The Wolf of Wall Street, this homegrown version is also full of lots of sizzling and bold visuals. The series is a first attempt to mimic a Hollywood story in desi style.

6. Oh! Mother

Availability: AddaTimes

It is a Web series consisting of 6 episodes and was released in the year 2018. It is available at Addatimes. Although it is a Bengali web series, it finds its place in the list of Hindi web series, as the series is worth watching. Sourav is a teenager who accidentally convinces his girlfriend. What is her struggle to take charge of her life and struggle herself for her mistakes? Oh, so what! Maa Saurav is a Bengali web series about a boy who gets fed up with women (his mother and girlfriend) and decides his life decisions.

The problem starts when he gets his girlfriend pregnant and now he has to beg his mother. The only person to support her is her friend Pablo and drug dealer roommate EJ. The whole series is funny and you must be laughing a lot. This is the story of an era in which you can see Sourav for his mistakes and take charge of his life.

7. Made in Heaven

Availability: Prime Video

Quirky, bold, unusual, and creative content has been presented through this web series. There is no doubt that this is one of the other best Indian web series that people can watch. Two marriage planners and friends built in heaven control the lives, lies, and mistakes of Tara and Karan. Separating the show was a subtle depiction of issues such as adultery, section 377, money differentials, and s333 misuse; With a very realistic, entertaining, and thought-provoking representation of the Indian wedding circus. Amazon Prime is where you can go to see this series.

8. Mona Home Delivery

Availability: Ullu

A very well-thought-out web series that really captures the bitter reality of our society. This is a very bold attempt to show the story of a call girl from her point of view. The story of the film revolves around a girl named Mona, whose childhood was challenging. While growing up, she decided not to spend her life under such circumstances, so she decided to use her body as a means of leading a better life. During her journey, she realizes that the world is not enough to be a girl like her—the so-called. There is no respect for such people in society. The series was released in the year 2019 and is available on the Owl app.

9. Virgin Bhaskar

Availability: ALT Balaji

An 11 episode long story and released in the year 2019, the series is another effort of ALT Balaji, which featured the story of a sex’s repressed protagonist with some family entertainment and social messages. The story revolves around Bhaskar, a 26-year-old man who has serious talent when it comes to writing adult novels, but ironically she is a virgin girl with a ton of fantasies. It is a hilarious adult comedy with spices of love and conflict. This series is available on Alt Balaji.

10. Maaya: Slave of Her Desires

Availability: MX Player

Available on MX Player, the series was released in the year 2017. The long story of 10 episodes shows that Sonia has to lose her memory. To find a cure, her husband digs deeper into her past life and finds something very shocking. The web series actually tries to present something credible to the Indian audience. It was a decent story, better than most adult web series. The show follows the life of a girl named Sonia, who forgets the last six months of her life due to some trauma. To find the reason, her husband is forced to find answers to her past.

What he knows is the secret s33uality of Sonia and the secret life of twisted fantasies. The best part of the show is that it did not use Clooney scenes to grab attention. The series had subtle messages about marriage dynamics and social stigma, which I really appreciated. If you are looking for a steamy and sensible show, then you should check out Mia.

11. Class of 2020

Availability: ALT Balaji

Release in the year 2020, it is going to be a 32 long episode story. Available on Alt Balaji, the story revolves around teenagers and their problems. It depicts the problems of teenage friends entering adulthood and how and what they struggle with in this change. Two years later, Alt Balaji released the 2017 sequel of 2017 with some of the most recognized faces of the Indian entertainment industry like Rohan Mehra and Chetna Pandey.

The web series revolves around a group of classmates from De Nobel High School. Enjoying the last few years of his school life, he struggled with teenage problems, relationship confusion, lust, and desires.

12. Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa

Availability: YouTube

The moral reason for such a web series is to make parents aware of how to deal with children’s questions, especially when it talks about the so-called taboo in society – Sex. The series opens with Pappu asking his father about masturbation. The way his poor father handles the situation while his own father distracts him from talking about masturbation. The web series is produced by Durex & Y-Films. The Sex chat with Pappu and Papa is one of the most-watched Indian web series, which covers all possible ways to destroy sex and provides topics like sex, pregnancy, condoms, periods, and symmetry in a simple, clean, Meets in an honest, and fun way. Sex interactions with parents are directly and clearly associated with safe sexual behavior.

The series aims to provide information about various topics related to sex/sexuality, with much humor in a realistic style. He was featuring a curious 7-year-old boy, Pappu – who throws the most outrageous question for his father, Anand.

13. Hello Mini

Availability: MX Player

The exciting, seductive, and suspense-filled series was released in the year 2019. The series is available on MX Player. Just the idea of ​​always seeing someone can creep into anyone. In an attempt to highlight the seriousness of the chase as a crime, the MX player came up with an adventure series called ‘Hello Mini.’ In the web series, you see the ideal life of a girl being ruined by a hunter. Ravana Banerjee is an independent girl living alone in Mumbai. She has got an entire life, caring parents, a wonderful job, and a loving boyfriend. But then, gradually, everything starts changing as she begins to see that someone is following her, keeping an eye on her every action and trying to control her life.

Every moment of the story is a thrill, and I kept groping it all the way to the end. I highly recommend that you give this series a shot.

14. Four More Shots Please Season 1 and 2!

Availability: Prime Video

An Indian version of the film ‘Sex and the City’, this web series depicts the story of 4 women who are desperate for things in life. They lead a simple life until they decide to enjoy their life to the fullest. Available on Amazon Prime, it is a 10 episode long story, released in the year 2019. The series has its flaws, but it depends on the taste of the viewer. If you like a series that has strong female characters, you may like this series as well.

15. Kavita Bhabhi Season 1 and 2

Availability: Ullu

Available on Owl, the series features a burning and bold woman who is set to cure the men’s problems on the phone. The Owl is poised to become the top soft porn producer in India. After being hit like a cast by Ulla’s Mona home delivery, Kwiki is all set to promote Savita Bhabhi among Indian audiences. Kavita is a young woman who chooses an easy way by consulting men with the sexual disease over a phone call. His bedtime stories serve as a cure for people. If you’re looking for some serious entertainment, I don’t recommend watching it, but if you’re excited to see bold content, the Ullu app is the place for you.

17. Boys with Toys

Availability: MX Player

Released in 2019 and released on Hungama Play. In a long series of 10 episodes, it is the story of two friends Adi and Ziggy, who are frustrated with their jobs. One day he gets the news that Jaggi’s uncle has passed away and has left all his legacy in Jaggi’s name. Both quit the job in the excitement of becoming rich.

But to his surprise, he receives no money but inherits a lot of sex toys. Now they want to pay their bills, and there is no option left except to sell those goods. If you like silly comedy with sex jokes stuffed in it, the boys will not disappoint you.

17. Love, Sex, and Viagra

Availability: YouTube

Staged on Youtube, the series is an adult web series you’ll find on YouTube called Youtube Love, sex, and Viagra ‘. There is a lot of material on the lives of urban men. For any story to stand in this crowded genre, it must be bizarre. And what could be more bizarre than the naming of the series’ Love, Sex and Viagra’.

About three boys from the show who live in the same house. It is full of stupidity, manipulation, and the language of the locker room. If you want to see it, just a warning, “don’t see too many arguments in the story.” Just watch it for dirty, dirty jokes, funny scenes, and this is it. It is a 2017 release consisting of 5 episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Adult Web Series in Hindi

What are adult web series?

These should be viewed as material only when they are over 18 years of age. Until that age, only by being can a person have some mature understanding to understand the sensitivity of such material. If they have not got the proper maturity to understand this, it can cause some disruption in the children’s heads.

Where can I watch Hindi Adult Web Series?

As mentioned some time ago, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Owl, MX Player, Hoichi, and similar platforms are the ones that offer such sizzling and adult web series. There are other platforms that can be accessed by searching on various search engines. But since we do not promote piracy, we cannot share the sites from where you can download the Hindi web series or any other adult web series.

In which language is this web series available?

These sizzling and adult web series are available in almost all languages. They are sometimes produced in a particular country’s national language and then dubbed into other languages ​​so that audiences around the world can enjoy such content.

Is adult web series worth watching?

If you are over the age of 18 and need some fun and entertainment in life, you can watch such a web series. This type of series can give you a different perception of seeing the world around you. Such series are always made with some moral messages behind them. They portray the dark reality of life. So you can watch it at your own risk.

How to download Adult Web Series in Hindi?

Go to the Official site and download for the future watch.

If you want to download the Hindi adult web series, then you have to follow the steps given below.


1) the First thing is to check out our list of the best adult web series to download, read their reviews, and decide which one to watch.

2) To see which series to watch, you need to check the series availability. Note that we have mentioned the availability of each web series under their name.

3) After knowing the availability platform, you only need to visit the official website or download the platform’s official app.

4) After downloading or opening the platform website, go to the sign-up page and register the account by filling in the original details. That is the name, email, etc.

5) Once you are done with the registration, we recommend you verify the email because if you forget your account credentials and it will be easy to recover, you will need your email.

6) After verifying the email, log in to your platform. View the web series fixed on your home page or category page.

7) If you cannot know this, then write the name of your series in the search bar and press the enter button.

8) After the result is visible, first select the result and read the description. You will see the season list and episode index. Tap on episode # 1 and press the play button.

9) If you want to download the adult web series in Hindi, then your platform should have an offline download facility. YouTube and Netflix support offline viewing.

By following the steps above, we hope you will be able to download adult web series in Hindi or any other language in an app like Netflix or YouTube.

Disclaimer (Important)

We do not help or promote any piracy or torrent website. Theft of any authentic physical material is a crime punishable under Indian law, and we fully oppose this theft.

The content that is given above is intended to provide only the desired details about illegal actions. It should not be intended to aid theft and morally inappropriate acts at any time and in any solution. Therefore, we request our readers to give clear information about such websites and decide the exact way or authorized websites to download the film.


So what adult web series are you going to watch? Do you like Sizzling Web Series in Hindi or something? Share the name of the web series in the comments so that others may know. If we missed it in any way, you could write the name of the sexy web series in the comments, and we will try to include it in this article.

Our mission is to provide information only. Comments if you like this post.

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