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College Romance Season 2 Cast, Review, and More

College Romance Season 2
College Romance Season 2

Updated on Jan 3

Are you searching for the latest College Romance season 2 web series? You are in the right place. The first season of College Romance made its debut in 2018 and is loved by young people for its related plots and interesting dialogues. I am also a fan of the “University Romance Network” series because I am still a college student and a fan of online series.

The second season of the web series “College Romance” directed by Apoorva Singh Karki and the second season of “University Romance” will premiere on SonyLIV and TVF Play on January 29.

College Romance Season 2 Wiki

Available On: Sony Liv and TVF Play

Released Date: 29 January 2021

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Total Episode: 5 Episodes

Cast: Manjot Singh, Apoorva Arora, Keshav Sadhna, Gagan Arora, Shreya Mehta.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Apoorv Singh Karki

Producer: Arun Kumar, Akansh Gaur

College Romance Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for the second season of “College Romance” was released on Friday this year. This season, we saw many actors in this web series, such as Manjot Singh, Apoorva Arora, Gagan Arora, Keshav Sadhna, and Shreya Mehta, reproduce the roles of Trippy, Naira, Karan, Bagga, and Deepika, respectively.

The trailer for the second season of “College Romance” shows that as their college pranks continue, their friendship is also facing the test of time. The upcoming series seems to deal with all the problems we encountered while in college. The audience expects more dramatic, romantic, and interesting things in the latest season, and the producers will not disappoint you.

College Romance Season 2 Release Date & Availability

The first season of “College Romance” has been released on YouTube’s Timeliners channel, but the second season of “College Romance” will be available on Sony Liv and TVF Play. The program “College Romance 2” was released on January 29, 2021. In addition, the “College Romance Season 2” web series has been currently broadcast on Sony Liv including Netflix and TVF Play.

College Romance Season 2 Cast and Crew

The complete cast of web series College Romance Season 2 are-

Manjot Singh as Trippy

Apoorva Arora as Naira

Keshav Sadhna as Karan

Gagan Arora as Bagga

Shreya Mehta as Deepika

Nupur Nagpal

Hira Ashar as Raveena

College Romance Season 2 Episode

College Romance Season 2 Episode 1: Penguins

College Romance Season 2

In the first episode of Trippy, Naira, and Karan met after a long break, and we discovered that a lot has changed since then. New changes have taken place in their love lives. We saw Trippy hang out with a new girl after breaking up with Raveena, while Naira revealed to Bagga some big news about the next development of their relationship, and Karan told Deepika He still feels how to get stuck in the old pattern when he was with her.

College Romance Season 2 Episode 2: Double Trouble

College Romance Season 2

We saw in the first episode that the relationship between Naira and Karan seemed to be dull, and Tribe gave himself another opportunity to move on. They both prepared to go to each other’s partner, only to make them conscious of Valentine’s Day And what they need to make it special to them. Everything did not go according to their plan, in contrast, things got more critical.

College Romance Season 2 Episode 3: Growing up

College Romance Season 2

In this episode, Naira scared Baga because Trippy had recently encountered problems during knowing and construction, and she may have skipped this period, while Karan was as surprised as ever. Failed to conclude what happened to Deepika. In the end, when they tried to deal with the situation on their own, the tension between them increased, and finally a sex education forum was established in the university, where everyone can solve their own problems with the help of a counselor selected by them.

College Romance Season 2 Episode 4: Sub-group

College Romance Season 2

This episode is more interesting. In this episode, Deepika and Bagga realize that Trippy, Karan, and Naira each have a separate Whatsapp group. We saw their problem in the last episode. Although Trippy, Karan, and Naira tried to justify it by overcompensating it, Deepika seemed to feel a little suspicious. Deepika somehow made Bagga read the chat log, and in the end, they got something that disappointed them, making them more divided than ever.

College Romance Season 2 Episode 4: Long Distance Friendship

College Romance Season 2

In the last episode, Trippy violated Bro-code, Naira violated Bagga’s trust, and Deepika broke Karan’s heart again. This is Naira’s farewell, and Karan assigns their responsibility to everyone to make up for everything they have prepared. In doing so, they finally solved their personal and interpersonal relationship problems in order to become bigger and stronger, and at the same time said goodbye to Naira and hoped that their relationship would not break.


FAQs about College Romance 2

How to download College Romance 2 free?

Follow the below steps to download or watch online College Romance 2 free


  • Dowload and Install TVF Play App from Playstore
  • Install and Open This App
  • Search “College Romance Season 2” and click on the poster
  • Watch and Enjoy


If you want to watch romance, comedy, and college stories, then you should definitely watch College Romance2. Like many other TVF shows, this College Romance 2 show is interesting, but if you choose to skip it, you will never miss it.

If you have any comments about the College Romance Season 2 or another post, you can write it down. We are glad to know your opinion.

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