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Aarya season 2 release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Aarya season 2 release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know
Aarya Web series season 2

Aarya Season 2

Sushmita Sen and Ram Madhwani announced Aarya Season 2, the possible plot, story, cast, release date and more details about the Hotstar thriller

Aarya season 1 turned out to be awesome. It received praise from critics and audiences. Sushmita Sen has made a dream comeback and her role will be remembered for a long time. Said a question that must be going on in your mind. 

Well, the thriller web series is coming back for a second season. Sushmita and director Ram Madhvani announced this in an Instagram live session. Now, the show has been renewed. Let’s try to predict possible plots and more details.

Aarya season 2 rumors

Answering the most important question, the Hotstar crime thriller is an adaptation of the famous Dutch TV series ‘Penoza’, which ran for nearly a decade. Keeping in mind that we know that there is a major plot still left in the show. The ending was neither decisive nor decisive, clearly pointing to an upcoming season 2.

Usually, thriller shows are very popular in India and do quite well. Shows like Raktanchal, Breath, Mirzapur are the best examples of this. The American adaptation of ‘Penoza’ (Red Widow) did not do so well and so the second season was never released. So let’s hope Aarya performs better.

Aarya season 2 story (Expected)

So far we have seen that after husband’s death Aarya reluctantly got involved in her family business which was male-dominated and risky. She makes a deal with Shekhawat, who helps her to repay her husband’s 100 crore debt in her illicit business. She soon found out that her husband had hidden a consignment of Rs 300 crore. Her father, Joravar, was the one who ordered her hitman Daulat to shoot her husband.

Aarya is now furious and has decided to hand over her father and brother to ACP Khan thinking that in return, she will get a free route to New Zealand. Aarya gets a call from Dimitri (a Russian drug dealer) who asks him to hand over the consignment which surprises Aarya … that after receiving the consignment, Shekhawat did not hand it over to the Russians and confronted him with a gun. Pointed and you know what happened again…

Aarya season 2 cast (Expected)

One of the good aspects of the first season was its cast and their performances. Unfortunately in season 2, we cannot see some characters again like Chandrachud Singh and Manish Choudhary. Some more actors will be added to the cast such as Russian Dimitri and his gang members.

ACP Khan, played by Vikas Kumar, will interrogate Zorawar and Daulat. He will try to bust the entire drug racket

Zorawar played by Jayant Kripalani is now in jail

Daulat played by Sikander Kher is also in jail

Sampath, played by Vishwajit Pradhan, now has a consignment of 300 crores.

Sangram played by Ankur Bhatia comes out of jail and wants to return to his business

Jawahar is dead, played by the eponymous slave

Aarya, played by Sushmita Sen, is going to battle Russian mafias

Suffix Panwar Adi Sarin as Aarya’s younger son

Viren Vajirani as Veer Sarin, elder son of Aarya

Punya Vaghani as Arundhati Sarin (Aru), Aarya’s daughter

Who will play Dimitri? This question is unanswered.

Aarya season 2 plot (Expected)

It is speculated that Shekhawat’s trusted right-hand man Sampath stole the drugs. Probably, Sampath is going to be the next bad guy in season 2. Dimitri and his gang will now be on the hunt for Aarya. Sangram is now out of jail and it will be interesting to know how much dirt he has cleaned. Will Aarya finally make it to New Zealand? Will Aarya forgive her brother? How is Aarya going to deal with Russian drug mafias? Are Sampath going to Nab?

According to the original Dutch series, Carmen (Aarya in this series) receives threats from the Russians and is also attacked several times by them. She later fights them and eventually becomes fully involved in the illicit drug trade with her brother. This may or may not happen to Aarya.

Aarya season 2 production (Expected)

The shooting of Aarya Season 2 has not started yet. Due to the epidemic, there is no update from the production team and the director. We will update this article when we get to hear from production staff.

Aarya season 2 release date (possibility)

Considering the situation, Aarya’s second season takes more than a year to release. The exact or temporary date has not been announced. If none of you have seen season 1 of Aarya, then you should consider watching it.

Finally, it’s news of the transition and we’ll keep you updated.

  1. Will be there Aarya season 2?

Yes, After Hit the first season of Aarya web series fans are waited for Aarya season 2.



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