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Gandii Baat Season 6 Cast, Review, and Watch Online Full HD

Gandi Baat Season 6 web series
Gandi Baat Season 6 web series

Are you searching for the Gandii Baat Season 6 Web Series? The famous producer Ekta Kapoor is known for making adult comedy web series (such as the Gandii Baat web series). After releasing the Gandii Baat web series in the past 5 seasons, the manufacturer has received a good response. The 5 seasons of the dirty talk series are very popular on OTT platforms Alt Balaji and Zee5. Now, after Gandii Baat 5, Ekta Kapoor brings Gandii Baat Season 6.

If you watch this Gandii Baat 6 web series, you will easily understand that the country story is full of gender and bold colors. There are many popular scenes in the series, and I hope that the upcoming episodes can be launched as soon as possible. Therefore, it has attracted high attention from fans in rural areas of India, and its season has been greatly affected. After achieving success in the past five seasons, Ekta Kapoor also released Gandii Baat 6, and hope that this is also a popular web series.

The number of viewers watching online series has grown so fast that nowadays, people watch more online series than movies.

Gandii Baat Season 6 Web Series Info

Series Title: Gandii Baat 6

Main Cast: Mahima Gupta, Kewal Dasani, Alisha Khan, Deepak Gupta, Nidhi Mahawan

Genre: Adult, Drama, Romance

Producer: Sachin Mohite

Editor: Afzal Shaikh, Mithilesh Singh

Executive Producer: Ashwarya Vats

Creative Director: Baljit Singh Chaddha

Production House: Balaji telefilms, Jaasvand Entertainments

Release Date: 21 January 2021

Gandii Bat Season 6 Review

The Gandii Baat 6 is about to launch a novel and interesting plot. The plot of the show revolves around newlyweds. They are young, charming, fascinated by excitement and excitement. For satisfying their wishes, they conducted some experiments on new things and relationships. A new experiment could not proceed as expected by the newly married couples. But what happened changed the whole thing and Therefore, like all the previous episodes this time, it also has some new attractive faces in the anchor. It makes Malti (Alisha Khan) and Shilpa (Nidhi Mahawan) play the leading roles.

Who are the Gandii Baat Season 6 Cast and characters?

Mahima Gupta seems to play one of the protagonists in the Gandii Baat Season 6 web series. Nidhi Mahawan is also one of the main actors of Gandii Baat Season 6. Zoya Khan played a pivotal role in Gandii Baat’s 6th season. Kewal Dasani will play one of the leading actors in the sixth season of pornographic Gandii Baat, and Deepak Gupta is also part of the cast of Gandii Baat season 6.

Here is the list of Gandii Baat Season 6 Cast

Mahima Gupta as Sarika

Nidhi Mahawan as Shilpa

Keval Dasani as Diwakar

Zoya Khan as Malti

Deepak Gupta as Paras

Mohit Sharma as Mandar

Riya R Patwa as Sumitra

Vidhi Khanna as Baby

Bandana Babhoria as Doll

Shiv Kumar as Inspector

Prabhash Kumar Raj as Delivery Boy

Ranjana Singh as Pinky

The cast of Gandii Baat Season 6 includes Kunval Vikram Singh, Anjali Mukharjee, Utkarsh Arora, etc. You can watch the 6th season of Gandii Baat on the ALT Balaji platform. Currently, there are two episodes of the season on the platform.

Gandii Baat Season 6 Episode:

There are only two episodes launched by Alt Balaji and More will be launce soon. Stay with us for New and Latest updates.

Gandii Baat Season 6 Episode 1: Who Killed My Wife
Gandii Baat Season 6 Episode 2: Experiment

When Gandii Baat Season 6 release? Gandii Baat Season 6 Release Date & Availability

The Gandii Baat Season 6 is already released on 21 January 2021. You can watch the Gandii Baat web series s on ALTBalaji’s official website and App.

Gandii Baat Season 6 Official Trailer

The online trailer for “Gandii Baat Season 6” has been released on YouTube and AltBalaji. You can watch the Gandii Baat 6 trailer for free now.



Gandii Baat Season 6 web series is amazing who loves boldness and freedom in life. It is worth watching web series in this year.




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