A 10-year-old boy stolen 10 lakh rupees from the bank in Just 10 sec


A 10-year-old boy committed big theft from the bank! 10 lakh rupees flew in just 30 seconds, this is how this incident happened

The 10-year-old kid carried out the theft incident when the bank was full of cooperative banks, stealing 10 lakhs took just 30 seconds.

A unique and sensational case of theft has come to light in Madhya Pradesh. According to media reports, a 10-year-old child has stolen Rs 10 lakh from a cooperative bank in the Javad area of ​​Neemuch district.

The shocking thing is that the child carried out the robbery at the busiest time and it took him only 30 seconds. The staff of the bank and others present in the bank did not even get a clue. The case has been revealed after CCTV footage surfaced.

In this way, the incident was seen in CCTV footage, according to the news printed under execution-money control, a child entered the cooperative bank at 11 am. He then entered the cashier’s room. No one present there was aware that the child was committing such a big theft in front of them.

The child slowly hid under the counter desk. Afterward, he quickly dropped the bag of notes into a bag and came out comfortably after filling the bag. It took the child only 30 seconds to execute the incident.

Theft at the behest of the man – Police has said after watching this CCTV footage that this 20-year-old man was guiding the child. This man stood in the bank for half an hour. It is seen in the video that as soon as the cashier gets up from his table and walks out, this young man gestures to the child.

During this incident, many customers of the bank stand in line near the counter. Meanwhile, this boy sits under the table and then comfortably steals the cash placed on the table. In CCTV, this child is seen keeping the money in the bag.

On this incident, Neemuch SP Manoj Rai said that the minor accused child was very young, so people standing in front of the cash counter could not see him stealing money. He said several suspects have been detained in connection with the incident. Some people who have set up roadside stalls in the area have been called for questioning. Apart from this, the security guard of the bank is also being questioned.


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