Khalistani terrorists arrested in Amritsar, Punjab


Two Khalistani terrorists have been arrested in Amritsar, Punjab

Two Khalistani terrorists have been arrested in Gurunagari. A German-made machine gun, 9 mm pistol, four magazines have been recovered from them. Police said that the terrorists had come here for target killing.

The names of the two accused are said to be Gurmeet Singh and Vikram Singh. He was caught by the police of Amritsar village near a Dhaba in Jandiala.

Let us tell you that recently three Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists were arrested in Pathankot. The trio was trying to carry arms from Amritsar to the Kashmir Valley. After this, security agencies and police have been alerted today by the arrest of two Palestinian terrorists.

According to information from the police, the arrest of the two revealed a large terrorist module. These terrorists have got connections with Pakistan. On the instructions of their Pakistani masters, they were here in the context of a major terrorist incident and targeted assassination.

Besides weapons, two mobile phones, some provocative written material, and photographs have been recovered from his possession. There is also information about getting messages from Pakistani masters on his phone.

The Punjab Police on Thursday night busted another terrorist module with the arrest of two alleged Khalistani operatives who were preparing to carry out several terrorist attacks and targeted the killings at the behest of their Pakistani bosses and handlers.

Adventure conversations were hosted with a German-made MP5 sub-machine gun, a 9mm pistol with four magazines, and two mobile phones, messages, photographs, and more.

Punjab Director General of Police (DGP) Dinkar Gupta said that the mobile phone had revealed suspicious transactions with elements based in Pakistan. These include photographs, audio messages as well as particular geolocation. 

DGP Dinkar Gupta said that several posts and web-links related to Khalistan had been found with the terrorists. These links and posts are located on the mobile phone of a terrorist Gurmeet Singh. Both militants were in regular contact with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and anti-India elements.


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