Four people arrested for spreading fake news about Amit Shah’s health condition


Four people arrested for spreading fake news about Amit Shah's health condition
Amit Shah and Narendra Modi | Image credit: Twitter

You have seen the impeccable style and success of Home Minister Amit Shah, which has troubled many in the country, but in the last one or two days, his critics on social media have not only speculated about his health but morality. Level. Rather wished for death. On Saturday, Shah issued a statement clarifying that I am completely healthy and I have no illness. The Gujarat Police has detained four people in Ahmedabad on charges of spreading fake news and they are being questioned. Home Minister Amit Shah has given a message about his health through a tweet.

मेरे स्वास्थ्य की चिंता करने वाले सभी लोगों को मेरा संदेश।

— Amit Shah (@AmitShah) May 9, 2020

Pray for my death

He has said that ‘For the last few days some friends have spread concocted rumors about my health through social media. Even some people tweeted and prayed for my death.

Can not ignore the concern of party workers and well-wishers

The country is currently fighting a global epidemic like Corona, and being the home minister of the country, I did not pay attention to all this because of my busy work late into the night. When I found out, I thought that all these people continue to enjoy their imaginary thoughts, so I did not give any clarity. But millions of my party workers and my well-wishers have expressed a lot of concern for the last two days, I cannot ignore their concern. So today I want to make it clear that I am healthy and I do not have any disease.

I have no ill feelings towards rumors spread

According to Hindu beliefs, it is believed that such a rumor strengthens health. Therefore, I hope for such people that they will stop talking about me and let me do my work and also do my work. I thank my well-wishers and all the party workers for asking me about my well being and I am worried. I have no ill-will or ill-will towards the people who have spread these rumors. Thank you too. ‘ He has also urged people not to spread such rumors or believe them.

Inhumane remarks about Shah’s health are highly condemnable

Reacting to this, BJP President JP Nadda said that it was highly condemnable to make insensitive remarks about the health of Home Minister Amit Shah. Spreading such misleading information about one’s health reflects the mentality of those people. I strongly condemn this and pray to God to enlighten such people.

Four detained people tweeted about Amit Shah

Four people have been detained in Ahmedabad by the Gujarat Police in connection with broadcasting a fake tweet in the name of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Special Commissioner Ajay Tomar said that at a time when the Central Government, Gujarat Government, and people are fighting the coronavirus epidemic when spreading fake news on social media is a crime.

A fake Twitter account of the name and photo of Home Minister Amit Shah claimed that he was suffering from a serious illness. This fake news went viral on social media platforms. The suspects are being detained from Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar. The case has been registered against All under the IT Act.


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