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Government ban Patanjali’s coronavirus medicine advertisement


New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has received a significant setback from the central government. The government has asked to stop advertising the alleged drug of coronavirus.

The Ministry of AYUSH has asked the company (Patanjali Ayurved Ltd) to submit all the details regarding clinical studies; protocol adopted, sample size, sample size, registration etc. about medicine for coronavirus. Also, it has been said that the company cannot advertise this drug until the government investigates it.

Let us tell you that Baba Ramdev has claimed to treat Covid-19 with Ayurvedic medicine. He launched a tablet called Coronile on Tuesday to treat Corona. Ramdev, head of the Patanjali Yogpeeth, said that “with medical testing, authentic medicine was a challenge”.

Patanjali claims that the patients on whom this medicine was used wholly recovered and no one died. Ramdev even claimed that 69 per cent of those patients recovered in just three days.

Balakrishna, a close associate of Ramdev and MD of Patanjali Ayurved, said, “We have appointed a team of scientists after the Kovid-19 outbreak. They noted that Patanjali had done a clinical case study on hundreds of positive corona patients. Patanjali Research Institute and Jointly prepared by the National Institute of Medical Science (NIMS) University, Jaipur.

Patanjali claims to follow all scientific regulations for this. Talking about the clinical trial, Ramdev said, 280 patients were covered under it and 100 per. Per cent recovered.



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