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Kaali 2 Web Series Review, Cast, Download, and More

Kaali 2 Web Series Zee5
Credit: Zee5

The Engaging Crime Thrillers web series has become the latest trending category on all OTT platforms and Kaali 2 Web Series one of them, and one by one, these platforms are launching some mind-blowing web series. One of the major OTT platforms, Zee5 has launched the second season of its super thrilling web series Kaali. To save her son against all odds, Kaali (Paoli Dam) is again with too much drama, thrills, and risk to face in Kaali 2.

Kaali is a story that takes you on a Cliffner ride where a mother has a night to save her son. Produced by Parambrata Chattopadhyay and known for directing brilliant and entertaining films, Kaali flows into Kolkata’s unseen underbelly, which is commonly spoken of Hashr vocals. Filled with hope, courage, danger, and betrayal, Kaali is a multi-layered show that will shock you as you progress towards the climax.

This time the stakes are high, the cast is large and exemplary, and the series is launched in two languages: Hindi and Bengali. Produced and directed by Rohan Ghosh and Aritra Sen, Kaali 2 portrays Kolkata’s underbelly with an entertaining story, now available to download or watch online on Zee5. Today, we will share its detailed review and Kaali 2 web series download and streaming availability with the cast in this article.

Kaali 2 Web Series Cast & Characters

In Kaali and Kaali 2 Paoli Dam Played Lead Rule as Female Actress and Chandan Roy Sanyal as Male Rule.

The Kaali 2 web series released on 29 May 2020 on the Zee5 app with some new faces and great actors.

  • Paoli Dam as Kaali/Aparna Sen
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal as Swapan
  • Abhishek Banerjee as Jinliang, aka Sonu
  • Vidya Malwade as DCP Manvi Gupta
  • Rahul Arunoday Banerjee as Aniket

Kaali 2 web series trailer

Kaali 2 web series plot

Following the massive success of Season 1, Kaal 2 is now available on Zee 5 with much more drama, suspense, risk, and action. The story of Kaali 2 begins where Season 1 ended. After Cliffhazer of Kaali Season 1 ended, people were dying to see what would happen next in the story, and Season 2 reveals the mystery in its initial episode. After winning the hearts of people in Kaali season 1, Paoli Dam is back as Kaali to save her son against all odds, and this time, his enemies are more dangerous than the previous.a

Kaali’s journey in Kaali 2 continues as a determined, risk-taking, single mother who wants to save her son Sunny from all dangers. The story of Kaali 2 begins after a 6-month hiatus from the events of Season 1, where Kaali is living in disguise as Aparna Sen with her paralyzed son Sunny. She starts her new life as a salon owner, but her dark past once again comes across as Sonu. Sonu (Abhishek Banerjee) is a druglord from South Asia based out of Calcutta and is involved in the story of Kalli from season 1. He wants to make things hell for Kaali by implicating his son. So once again, Kaali will have to fight the bad guys to protect her sons.

Sonu is the drug lord of South Asia, who deals in drug majorities, but due to the intervention of his rivals Druggard Swapan and Kaili in Season 1, the shipment is stuck at the docks and Delhi Police Sonu. The story of Kaali 2 depicts two deadlines – one depicting the underbelly of Calcutta, ruled by drug lords and gang wars, and the other in Delhi, where the entire police department is planning a full-fledged plan to send the dreaded drug lord Sonu. I am going back home

Sonu, who is starved of his own blood, will now trap him using his son Sunny and, inadvertently, he will become an essential part of this drug cartel, which we will no longer reveal. The exciting thing to watch in this season is how his police-love Aniket will save him from all this mess. Amidst the biggest drug-war, how Kaali would protect herself and her son from the deadliest enemy, a former bootlegger, and corrupt officials. With the tickling watch, one thing is sure that this time, it will not be easy for Kaali to defeat his enemy, and the risk will be huge.

Chak De India fame will also see Vidya Malvade as DCP officer in the season of Kaali, and she has an important role in the series.

Kaali 2 Web Series, Zee5
aali 2 Web Series , Credit: Zee5

Kaali 2 web series download and streaming capabilities

The Kaali 2 web series is an original creation of Zee5 Studios. It is now available to stream online for free on the Zee 5 app. You can also download episodes of the Kaali 2 web series within the app. To watch it online for free or download it offline, follow these steps:

Follow these Simple Steps

1) First of all, download the Zee5 app or log Zee5 into the browser on the PC. You can download the Zee5 app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your phone.

2) After downloading the app in your mobile, sign up with your details or mobile number in the account to view the content,

3) After creating an account, you can either subscribe to it monthly or get a Zee5 account for free only if you are a user of Vodafone or Jio.

4) For Vodafone and Jio users, the Zee5 app is free, and to watch content for free, they have to download the Vodafone Play app or Jio Player from the Google Play Store / Apple Store on their mobile.

5) After logging into the account, find the Kaali 2 web series.

6) Once you find it, click on the poster, choose the language you want to watch, and enjoy all the episodes online in HD quality.

7) You can also download Kaali 2 web series within the app to watch the episodes offline.

Frequently asked questions on Kaali 2 web series

Is Kaali 2 worth watching on Zee5?

With a lot of action, betrayal, risk, and suspense, Kaali 2 is a good crime thriller web series, but lost its charm in some places due to weak writing. If you have watched its season 1 and are dying to know the story ahead then this is a must for you. Overall, this is a good thriller web series, which could be much better, but it is still worth watching for those who like the crime thriller series.

Wrapping it up

With some famous and outstanding faces like Abhishek Banerjee, Vidya Malvade, and main attraction Paoli Dam, the makers tried to present some extraordinary story of a single mother who would go to any lengths to save her child’s life. Can. While season 1 portrays the story of Kaali from his point of view, season 2 tells the story from an antagonist’s point of view. In the opening episode, the story runs both previous and present, to make details Kaali’s early life and her involvement with these dangerous drug chieftains.

Each of the characters did excellent work in Kaali 2, especially Abhishek Banerjee and Paoli Dam. After his notable performance as Hathoda Tyagi in Patal Lok, expectations were high from him, and he disappointed the producers. On the other hand, Paoli was happy throughout the series. Her Bengali accent, the manner of killing her enemies and then justifying her acts and her form, are all remarkable and spectacular. Vidya Malvade and Rahul Banerjee also use screen space very efficiently and give their best to hawk people with their acting skills. Watch the Kaali 2 web series download or online option on Zee 5.



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