Simple exercises for Staying at Home to maintain your fitness


Ready to workout at home? These exercises are only for you.

Washing hands, maintaining good personal hygiene and social disturbances are some of the ways we can combat COVID-19.

Apart from this, a good diet and regular exercise are also important to boost your immune system.

Here are some simple home exercises that you can incorporate into your routine.

At home cardio exercise

Cardio exercise | Simple exercises for Staying at Home | Source

Cardio exercises are really important to keep your heart pumped and improve endurance.

However, people are required to stay home during a lockdown, so running, walking, walking or going to the gym is not an option.

To boost your immune system, turn on cardio exercises at home such as bursa, jump rope, jumping jack, dancing and Zumba.

These exercises increase your blood circulation, flush out toxins from the body and also improve the health of your stomach.


Squat | Simple exercises for Staying at Home | Source

Squats are a great exercise to improve your core strength and immune system.

Pay attention to your balance skills and weight on the thighs, and try to do squats at least 30 times a day.

It opens up your hip muscles, improves flexibility, as well as gives a big boost to your lower abdomen, thighs and hip muscles to optimize body functioning, aiding the immune system.


Planks | Simple exercises for Staying at Home | Source

Get into the plank posture and engage your core.

With your body roughly parallel to the ground and a balanced weight between the forearms, elbows, and toes, Planck Pose is a full-body workout that increases your core strength, stamina, and immune system.

It stimulates all the muscles of the body and strengthens its ability to endure, protect and heal from within the body.

Sukhasana and Pranayama

Pranayama | Simple exercises for Staying at Home | Source


When it comes to your immune system, the simplest of exercises can have a significant effect.

Sukhasana is the traditional meditation posture known as the simplest asana to channel your internal energy, relax the body, breathe, and improve body functioning.

When combined with breathing techniques or pranayama, the body goes into a state of detox, reducing stress hormones, also affecting heart rate and brain functioning.

Sit in a cross-legged position perfectly with your back straight and hands on your knees.

In Sukhasana, practice Pranayama techniques such as deep breathing, Kapalabhati, Nadi Samadhan, Vilom Pranayama, etc.

These have positive effects on the immune system.

Feet from the wall

Called the ultimate stress buster yoga pose, it is also a great immune booster.

Counted as the easiest way to combat anxiety and eagerness as you lean on your bed and drag your feet up the wall, Vipriti Kranti helps you relax and relax.

It increases the functioning of the nervous system and reduces pressure on the body – improving the body’s ability to fight against diseases.

Cobra pose

Cobra pose | Simple exercises for Staying at Home | Source

It is one of the few formulations that work extensively on the digestive system, lower abdomen, gut health, and immune system.

Lie on a yoga mat on the ground. When you relax the body, press your palms near the chest and raise the upper body to create a snake-like curve.

Working on its core strength, this mudra increases immunity by correcting digestive issues, abdominal fat, etc.

Forward fold

Forward fold | Simple exercises for Staying at Home | Source

The forward fold is only a comfortable version of the arm. Inversions work beautifully on the body’s immune system, which relaxes, heals, and reduces stress.

If you are not fit enough to pull a handstand, then stand up straight, and lean forward while embracing your upper body lower body.

As you bend forward and rest your head opposite. It helps to stimulate the nervous system and relax the heart.

It helps in increasing the body’s ability to fight infections.

Malsana or yogi’s squat

Yogi’s squat | Simple exercises for Staying at Home | Source


In hatha yoga and other modern forms of yoga, Malasana is recognized as the ultimate yogi’s squat.

As you do this pose, the body’s waist and body weight are evenly distributed, supporting strength in the legs and back – this exercise promotes metabolism, promotes calmness, body Relaxes and strengthens immunity. The practice of Mudra helps in improving the balance and mental well-being of the body.


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