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The man, who registered a case against Vikas Dubey has been missing


The Man who registered a case against Vikas Dubey has been missing for 12 days

Rahul Tiwari, who burnt the bugle against the infamous Vikas Dubey killed by Uttar Pradesh STF on 10 July, has been missing for the last 12 days. It was Rahul Tiwari, who wrote a report against Vikas Dubey on 30 June at Chaubepur police station. On learning this, Vikas Dubey summoned him to his village and beat him up in front of the then police station in-charge, Chaubepur Vinay Tiwari. Vikas also clashed for interfering with Vinay Tiwari.

On the FIR of Rahul Tiwari, the police arrested Vikas Dubey at Baikaru village in Chaubepur, Kanpur on the night of 2-3 July. Dabish, who was already immersed in Dabish, along with his gang had killed eight policemen including CO Devendra Mishra. Vikas Dubey, who wrote a murder attempt report against Vikas Dubey, is currently missing. People in his family say that the last time he spoke to Rahul on July 2, nothing has been known about Rahul Tiwari since then. According to Rahul’s mother Suman, who lives in Jodhpur village in Kanpur, Rahul was last talked to on 2 July. He went somewhere with his wife, children, and sister-in-law.

Meanwhile, on 12 July, the police came and told the people of Rahul Tiwari’s family that an FIR would be lodged if Rahul was not produced. According to family members of Rahul Tiwari, who lodged an FIR against Vikas Dubey is missing. Police said that apart from being a complainant, Rahul Tiwari is the prime witness to the incidents related to Vikas Dubey, which led to the incident. Senior Superintendent of Police of Kanpur Dinesh Kumar P said that Rahul’s life is also in grave danger. A team led by Deputy SP Sukram Prakash is searching for him.

Rahul Tiwari, who lives in Jodhpur Niwada village adjacent to Bikaru, wanted to dispose of his mother-in-law’s land in Nivada village with his sister-in-law Monica, which is also located in the vicinity. His wife’s sisters opposed the proposed sale. One of them (who lives in Bikero) sought the intervention of Vikas Dubey in the case.

Vikas beat Rahul in a dispute over selling Vikas’s sister-in-law

Rahul Tiwari of Jadepur village has an in-law in Mohini Niwada village. It is alleged that he wanted to sell the in-law’s land, but the wife’s sisters were opposing it. In Bikaru, one of Rahul’s sisters-in-law asks Vikas Dubey to intervene in it, then Vikas beat Rahul. After this, FIR was registered after the intervention of Balidani CO Devendra Mishra.

Vikas Dubey has beaten again in front of S.O.

When Rahul reached Bikaru village with the then SO Vinay Tiwari on July 1, Vikas beat him up. The next day Rahul went somewhere with the family. Suman, Rahul said on the phone that he is safe wherever he is. Don’t worry, after this, there was no contact with him. Even in the changing events in the last 12 days, Rahul could not be seen anywhere.

Development encounter at ten

After the Chaubepur scandal in Kanpur, on July 9, the miscreant Vikas Dubey, arrested by the police in Ujjain, was killed by the UP STF (Special Task Force) in an encounter near Kanpur on 10 July. On July 10, while bringing Ujjain to Bhairav ​​Ghat in Kanpur, on the evening of July 10, Vikas Dubey had an encounter in Bhanti.



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