The shooting of films will start in Punjab, CM approves guidelines


Chandigarh: The detailed guidelines for the shooting of films and other entertainment programs during Unlock 2 in Punjab have been approved by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, said media advisor CM Raveen Thukral on Thursday.

According to the new guidelines, a gathering of only 50 people is allowed at the shooting scene, along with other COVID protocols being strictly followed.

Earlier, Singh on Wednesday asked Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan to prepare clear guidelines in response to a request from a delegation from the film and music industry, asking the state government to issue necessary clarifications and directions for shooting. Contact was taken to get permission. In relation to the officers of the district.

After approval by the Chief Minister, Special Chief Secretary Satish Chandra issued comprehensive guidelines allowing the shooting of films and other entertainment programs in the state.

The application for permission for the shooting of films and other programs has to be submitted to the Deputy Commissioner with complete information on the location, days, and times for permission, as per the conditions.

After consulting the police officers, the Deputy Commissioner will grant permission. A copy of the permit will be given to the Commissioner of Police or SSP for information and necessary action.

The guidelines further state that shooting duration should be limited to the minimum possible time and no more than 50 persons should be present. Shooting will begin only after each person has a thermometer scan and is found asymptomatic.

Shooting locations should have sanitizer or soap and water and members should wash their hands frequently.

Other guidelines include wearing masks, implementing social disturbances, and crowd control for all except those exposed to the camera.


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