The shopkeeper distributed all the showroom items to the poor for Eid

The shopkeeper distributed all the showroom items to the poor for Eid

The fourth phase of lockdown due to coronavirus is underway in India. The worst loss of this lockdown has been on poor people, who depended on daily wages to feed themselves, could not go to work for the last two months. In such a situation, he is unable to gather food for two times.

Countrywide detention due to coronavirus has made the poor-laborers more helpless. To please Eid during this difficult period, a merchant from Kairana distributed all the items of his apparel and shoe showroom as Edi to the poor.

There is a readymade footwear showroom on the three floors of the Gold Plaza Complex in front of the Kairana Tehsil of Uttar Pradesh state. The owner of which is businessman Pratibha alias Shabu. He donated the clothes and shoes of his showroom to the poor. For this Shabu also sought the help of the administration.

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District Magistrate Jasjit Kaur herself reached Kairana afternoon and distributed shoes and clothes to the poor with her own hands. Merchant Waiting reported that poor people were unable to buy new clothes on this Eid. In such a situation, he donated all the showroom clothes on the advice of his mother.

The children were very happy to receive such gifts on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. On social media, many people praised this generosity of waiting. One user wrote on social media that if every human has such a big heart then people should never have any problem.


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