Chinese President: We acted with full responsibility, should be investigated only after the epidemic is under control

Chinese President: We acted with full responsibility, should be investigated only after the epidemic is under control


  • The whole world is battling Coronavirus. Europe is also heavily affected. Denmark’s border with Germany has been opened to the people, which has been opposed by the people.
  • At the World Health Assembly, the President of France said – if we make the Coronavirus vaccine, everybody should have access to it
  • The German Chancellor suggested to the WHO more reforms, international cooperation was necessary to fight the epidemic.

Geneva. The World Health Assembly has started from Monday. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that we need more global unity to fight Coronavirus. This is likely to cause further damage in developing countries. At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that all of us have worked with openness, transparency, and responsibility to deal with the epidemic. He said that the investigation should be done only after the epidemic is under control. However, he said that it should be fair and serve its purpose. Despite millions of efforts, Taiwan could not attend the World Health Assembly.

China will give 15 thousand crores in 2 years to deal with Coronavirus
Jinping announced $ 2 billion (about 15 thousand crores) over the next two years to deal with Coronavirus. He assured that if the Coronavirus vaccine is produced in China, it would be declared as public goods globally.

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Health cannot be fought: Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron said – We stressed the importance of a global approach to combat the virus. If we make a vaccine, everyone should have access to it. As long as the disease remains a threat to anyone, everyone will be at risk. Health cannot be fought. Nor can it be bought or sold.

Merkel defended WHO

German Chancellor Angela Merkle defended the WHO. He also suggested to improve it further. He said that it is a global institution. Where all are tied into one sutra. This is a situation that requires attention to how we can improve our functioning. International cooperation was necessary to overcome the epidemic.

It is the 73rd Assembly of WHO. Earlier, Australia and the European Union (EU) have called for an impartial investigation of WHO’s response to the pandemic. 62 countries including India have supported it. In this, many countries will propose to investigate Coronavirus. The proposal also includes an investigation into WHO’s action to curb the Coronavirus and set deadlines for it. It states that member countries should be included in the investigation. In consultation with these countries, the phased process should be adopted along with the existing system for investigation. What experience gained from the work done internationally to combat the epidemic needs to be reviewed. The World Health Assembly is part of the WHO itself.

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Which countries supported the proposal

The major countries supporting the investigation proposal submitted with the support of the European Union include Japan, Britain, New Zealand, South Korea, Brazil, and Canada. The World Health Assembly is meeting this time through video conferencing in view of Coronavirus. On behalf of India, Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan will be involved. Two days after this meeting, the WHO Executive Board will meet on 22 May. In this, India will be made the head of the WHO decision board.

Australia is the first country to demand an investigation

Australia is the first country to have sought to investigate how coronavirus spread around the world. Australian Foreign Minister Maris Penn raised the matter last month. He said that the outbreak investigation would better help prevent the next epidemic internationally and keep its people safe. I think allowing the WHO to investigate a Coronavirus outbreak is like handing the hunt to the hunter.

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