Corona cases increase rapidly, 22,771 new cases so far in 24 hours

Corona positive cases increase rapidly
Corona positive cases increase rapidly

Coronavirus News Live Updates in India:

Worldwide Corona cases have crossed the 10 million mark on Saturday. The most affected by these are the United States, Brazil, Russia, and India.

The World Health Organization is accused of neither making any specific efforts to prevent the infection nor setting up China to investigate Corona. However, now the WHO has decided to send one of its teams to China, seeing itself around the world. The team will travel to China next week to find out the source of the virus.

The WHO has already said that it has not received information about the outbreak of coronavirus infection from China, but from its China-based office. The organization has also said that the first notice came on 31 December that Wuhan’s pneumonia-like illness is taking people on a large scale.

COVID-19 News Live Updates in India:

Significantly, the Corona crisis continued to grow even a month after the lock was opened in India. In the last 24 hours, 22 thousand 771 new cases of Corona were reported in the country. At the same time, 442 people have died. With this, till Friday, the number of infected in India reached 6 lakh 48 thousand 315.

Also, the death toll from Corona has now increased to 18 thousand 655. There are 2 lakh 35 thousand 433 active cases of Corona in the country.

Talking about the most affected states of the country, the situation in Maharashtra is entirely wrong. For the last two days, more than 6300 cases are being registered here. With this, now the number of victims in Maharashtra has reached close to 1 lakh 93 thousand.

Simultaneously, the number of dead has increased to 8376, with 198 new deaths in 24 hours. Maharashtra accounts for more than a third of the country’s total deaths and infections.

Coronavirus News Updates in India:

Tamil Nadu ranks second among the infected states, where 4329 new infections have been detected in a single day. With this, the number of victims has increased to 1 lakh 2 thousand 721 in the state. Delhi is at number three, with 94 thousand 695 cases.

However, if we compare the deaths in Tamil Nadu and other states, the situation in Tamil Nadu is much better. One hundred thirty-five people have died in Tamil Nadu as compared to 13 295, while in Gujarat at number four and 2923 at number three.


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