Pakistan: Human rights violated in Islamabad


Human rights violations in Islamabad and sheltering terrorists have become a common practice in Pakistan. But now against all other things, voice has started coming from inside Pakistan.

The father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb, Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan has been knocking the doors of courts for a long time to restore his rights, including the right to freedom of movement anywhere in the country. After hard work, the country’s highest court has allowed him to appear before him on Wednesday and express his pain.

According to the report published in Pakistani media, Khan has filed an application in the Supreme Court against the decision of the Lahore High Court in which the High Court has’ made for the protection of the state by allowing him to move anywhere for freedom. Measures’. Demand for dismissal of the petition.

Dr. Khan will appear in court on Wednesday

The Supreme Court bench said on Tuesday that Khan had already raised issues in the Islamabad High Court and the Lahore High Court. Instead of coming to the Supreme Court, he should once again go to the Islamabad High Court. On this, Khan’s lawyer said that his client is a ‘national hero’. The issue is his human rights. The Supreme Court can use the provisions of the Constitution to hear them. His clients want to appear in court themselves.

Subsequently, the court gave Dr. Allowed Khan to appear on Wednesday. At the same time, the government lawyer rejected the request of matter heard in a closed room. Abdul Qadir Khan may be described as a ‘national hero’ by lawyers in court, but his reputation is secretly from another country in international nuclear technology.

Dr. Khan is the leader of the nuclear program

Khan has stated in his petition that he is the leader of the Pakistan nuclear program. With the help of the people involved in the case, he made the country a nuclear power. He said he was proud that “he made little contribution to keeping the country safe from the evil eyes of neighbors and enemies”.

He said in the petition that he got protection according to his status, but later this became a problem for him. The situation is that all the time security personnel stationed near their house in such a way that no one can come to meet them. He cannot go anywhere on his own free will. Do not be able to be part of any function without the permission of the security personnel. The condition is such that he is imprisoned in away. These actions of security officials are illegal.

Khan said that his condition is from 2004. He has since been under house arrest in the name of security. His daughter’s house is a short distance from his house, but he cannot meet them, cannot even go to court.


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